Is there a Post Game?

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User Info: magiccube4527

4 years ago#1
Does this game have an actual post game or is it just finishing the rest of the errands?

User Info: Lonewolf_80

4 years ago#2
I think finishing the Pandora League and there is some super boss who requires a fair bit of level grinding to challenge him but other than that I don't think so, perhaps someone who has finished the game could help more!
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User Info: ryuuXfinn

4 years ago#3
Like the user above posted, you can try and challenge Pandora league S rank. A chain quest that will lead to a secret ultimate boss, additional side quests, Golden familiars will start to appear in dungeons. And you'll be able to revisit places such as Miasma marshes and Nevermore. And the casino in tombstone trail allows you to rewatch scenes although you'll need to buy them.

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