lost boys in ding dong dell

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User Info: Darien174

4 years ago#1
having trouble finding the last boy in ding dong dell. got the one in the shop and the one near the tomb by the castle.

User Info: runwhen_useeme

4 years ago#2
Right across the street from the mom who gave you the quest, there is a spiral staircase leading to the a rooftop

User Info: ArcBaltic

4 years ago#3
The other one is up the tower park area across from the bounty store.
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User Info: dmbrandonn

4 years ago#4
I can see being fried late game, but if you can't figure this stuff out, you're going to have a really terrible time at the end of the game.

User Info: Darien174

4 years ago#5
Thanks guys.

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