How to Cope with Bad AI?

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User Info: Emperor_Gestahl

4 years ago#1
Hearing the AI has serious problems. How do you deal with it? I only just got Esther so not much has happened to me besides her spamming away all her mana. Took control of her, but I'd rather not feel forced to main her for her stupidity.

User Info: lionheart00

4 years ago#2
You'll eventually get macros that allow them to defend/attack (Sometimes, and extremely poorly).

Until then you will usually be soloing all boss battles.

User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#3
Set them on not use abilities till boss fight. Then change to heal and or go all out and pray their mp can make it through.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#4
I gave her Griffy, put her "Do what you like", and stopped worrying about spell usage.
You don't NEED her to have MP in regular fights. Especially not with Griffy there.

If Griffy isnt available, give her another good physical familiar.
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User Info: Bladenyte

4 years ago#5
well, what i did was just control her during battles.
or take expensive spells off her creatures (this doesnt stop her from wasting 15 mana on those pointless buffs of hers)
set her tactics to 'keep us healthy'
give her your combat pets and put all the casting ones on oliver if you really would rather control him

theres lots of ways to help with the AI. it shortly gets to the point where it doesnt matter much because of multiple reasons (leveling, easier to afford the mana drinks, faster travel to inns, etc etc)
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User Info: Zetgob

4 years ago#6
Best decision I ever made was put a high defense physical attacker in both of their first slots. This way they rarely died or wasted mana on normal encounters.

Bosses though...even with the party wide commands you get later on they can still do some really stupid stuff. You just sort of get used it to/play around it.

User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#7
Well first and foremost, stop blaming your own shortcomings on the AI, as it is perfectly serviceable up until you get the All Out Attack and Defense commands and then becomes good after that.
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User Info: adibicci

4 years ago#8
Emperor_Gestahl posted...
Hearing the AI has serious problems. How do you deal with it? I only just got Esther so not much has happened to me besides her spamming away all her mana. Took control of her, but I'd rather not feel forced to main her for her stupidity.

i wrote up a post earlier today on how i do it. its long and apparently a grammatical train wreck. some of it will not apply to you till later in the game, mebe you will find something to help though, may contain minor spoilers but i doubt it.

have fun

User Info: missinglink00

4 years ago#9
100% incorrect. stop having such a massive hard on for this game. yes the game is good but the a.i. is awful. ff xii did this and did it right. there need to be more options and the a.i. is absolutely awful. shutup with your shortcomings crap. its bad. im offended that ign didnt even mention it in their review. I was loving this game and then got 3 party members. I hate them.

User Info: cz75gsc

4 years ago#10
For Esther, I gave her a bubbud. And I removed healing spells from every other familiar of hers. That way, since bubbuds have sky high defense and pretty good a magical attack, when she gets to heal, she doesn't get damaged herself, meaning she loses less mp and time trying to heal everyone including her. I also giver her familiars only basic attack spells that cost between 3-7 mp to cast. Those usually do more than enough damage to get the job done, without wasting too much mp.

I usually like to control Swaine in battle for mugshot, and since Oliver has the most mp, he's the one in charge of area of effect magic spells.

That said, not too far into the game, you'll be able to mass produce strong coffees and capuccinos, just make sure you harvest every spring water spot you can, every time you come across one. I rarely find myself short on mp and mp medicines.

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