Mediocre reviews because of difficulty?

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User Info: Mech_Battalion

4 years ago#1
Everyone I know who has played this game loves it. I open my Game Informer and see 7/10 where they praise EVERYTHING except the difficulty. They complained about losing money when you died and they made it sound like they died a lot, even against normal enemies...

I am picking it up this week, but I was wondering how difficult it really is. I am kind of excited to hear it has some merit to it and isn't so easy a 5 year old could beat it in a day.

Also, how long is the game? Would you say the average RPG length 60 hours?

User Info: Hiroshida

4 years ago#2
When I beat it I was at around 60 hours, and that's after doing some side quests. There's also postgame content, including a ultimate boss.

Frankly speaking, it's always better to compare reviews against that you know what's the average opinion of the game...Game Informer sort of lost all credibility if they are going to blame the game on the difficulty level..

User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#3
Game Informer and Polygon are the only two "Medicore" reviews. So why does everyone latch onto them like they are the only ones who reviewed the game?
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User Info: danl0134

4 years ago#4
I'm 20 hours in (at the point where I have what I think is my final party) and I've died a handful of times, playing the normal difficulty level. If you have trouble with this game, it probably means you don't really play games with any sort of challenge at all, since this one is about average for RPG difficulty.
Great job!
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#5
I'll tell you one thing right now, at least for me. The game really hasn't been difficult at all for me. I know I had a small amount of trouble with Moltaan during the demo on Normal Mode, but that was only because I was still learning the system, and I was using a pre-set group with pre-set resources. Being able to play the game on MY terms has made it a cakewalk.

Honestly, unless you're a complete novice at RPGs, I doubt this is going to be a game with much difficulty.
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User Info: MirkoS77

4 years ago#6
I'm finding the game to be a breeze, but then again I spend a lot of time grinding because I love the combat and getting my fam's levels high. The bosses are still a bit tough though. You can save pretty much anywhere so if you keep dying it's your fault. Plus later on I don't find the money penalty to be that bad.

Game Informer has no merit in their critique. They lay blame at the feet of the game when it's of their own making. Don't worry about it at all. Though I will say if you don't grind a lot it will no doubt be harder.

User Info: scott2012

4 years ago#7
It is challenging and keeps you alert, but not too difficult. I've died a couple of times so far but have not been frustrated or anything. Then again, I just came from Dark Souls so it could only get easier than that.

I haven't been grinding on purpose, but I have done all the side quests and monster hunts I found so far. I would say that the difficulty is just right this way. Grinding on top of doing the side quests would probably make it too easy for my taste. If you don't grind AND skip all the side quests, then yeah I can see this game getting difficult. Perhaps the GI reviewer skipped all the side quests because of time constraints.

User Info: TheOneYouMissed

4 years ago#8
I wouldn't say its hard. Out of the 30 hours I've played so far, I've died once and that's due to my need to explore the world map and I landed in an area with enemies much stronger than me.
I thought the same exact thing you did after reading the review. I saw the 7 and was like "oh, I wonder what they didn't like?" 3/4 of the way through I'm thinking to myself, "wow, they gave it a 7, but all she's writing about are things she likes." After finishing, there's like 2 sentences that say its difficult and that she died a lot and hated that she couldn't outrun monsters (which is ridiculously easy). THAT'S why she gave it a 7? Very poor reviewer right there IMO. But I take reviews with a grain of salt and that's worked out in my favor.
What gets me is that they gave ffxiii (which I liked a lot) like a 9 even though that was MUCH more difficult than this, but this is much more enjoyable. Oh well, you'll love this game though.
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User Info: threedown

4 years ago#9
im only about 15 hours in, no grinding but i am doing all the sidequests and hunts. so far the game isnt difficult at all and ive heard it doesnt get much more difficult. i havent been stuck or frustrated anywhere at all yet. ive died 3 times so far mostly because i wasnt paying attention. anyone with any kind of rpg experience should have no problem with this game

User Info: threedown

4 years ago#10
the seven from gi kinda suprised me, theyre usually extremely lenient with alot of their reviews. and then to knock it for its difficulty when its not really that difficult and the save and dying system seems to be fair to me. just must not be their type of game. to each their own i guess
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