Anyone else basically skipping all the story behind take/give heart quests?

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  3. Anyone else basically skipping all the story behind take/give heart quests?

User Info: kroaker

4 years ago#21
Quote:kroaker posted...
I don't have all day to devote to playing JRPG's nowadays like I did when I was a kid. So for better or worse I've been basically skipping 90% of the dialogue in this game so far.

I play games for gameplay. If its got a great story too, that's cool... But I don't really have the time to spend on that at this point in my life.

The main story of this game is pretty worth it though


Possibly I'll return to this game for the story when I've got more free time on my hands, as I've been hearing good things bout it. Pretty sure I won't ever actually want to sit through the hours of extra dialogue for the side quests though.
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User Info: najzere

4 years ago#22
I haven't played very far into yet, but so far I am enjoying the side characters' stories, even if they are a bit repetitive.

User Info: SharrdOfglass

4 years ago#23
... is there a reason you have to finish the game as fast as possible? I mean, I work full time, go to school full time and have side jobs/events I partake in every week so I certainly understand not having a large amount of time. That said, why short yourself of the full experience, at least where the story is concerned?
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User Info: flashfactor7

4 years ago#24
Yea sorry to say I couldn't take it anymore mid way through the second tier of merit rewards.

The dialogue is completely pointless in most cases.

I only read a few here and there but otherwise it's just repetition.

Not to mention that traveling couple is enough to turn anyone off from reading it.
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User Info: Tsukinomahou

4 years ago#25
This could have easily been fixed by not having the necessary piece of heart told to you directly in red text every time. If you had to read what they were saying and figure out what that meant they were missing these quests would be much better.

User Info: Aposter26

4 years ago#26
I do it for the stamps, but I agree those are so repetitive that it makes them very irritating.

User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#27
MidgardDragon99 posted...
No I am not purposefully making the world less interesting for myself.

So, you're just skipping the heart quests entirely?

I mean, I guess you could just get your stamps from bounties but...I'd think you'd be a bit underpowered by the end of the game.
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User Info: madmofo145

4 years ago#28
NicoGrimm posted...
*raises hand*

It'd be better if youb had to listen to them talk and figure out what they'r missing by yourself, but no. Drippy tells you EXACTLY what they need every single time. I thought he told you the first few times as a tutorial or something, but he wont stop.

This has been my biggest problem with the whole game. While I have enjoyed it for the most part, I just keep thinking "When am I going to be done with the tutorial?" I just want to duck tape Drippy's mouth so I can figure out stuff myself. These are silly no name NPC's and if they want us to pay attention, then make it so it's integral to the gameplay. Instead of having us randomly taking every heart we are prompted to, only to drop it into someone else based solely on prompts, make it so that we have to decide based on dialogue, and if we choose poorly the heart is rejected, and we are forced to fight a nightmare.

User Info: Kevinroth666

4 years ago#29
Nope. Love them all.

User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#30
It's just like any other NPC that isn't involved in the main game, really. I pick and choose. I'm not exactly in a hurry to finish this game, but I do have 400 other games I need to play, so yeah, not every bit of dialogue is going to be heard.

I'm sure some people go to every city, and listen to every NPC 7 times, because they change their dialogue throughout the game, but not me. I've never done that.
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  3. Anyone else basically skipping all the story behind take/give heart quests?

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