is this the new ff7?

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User Info: Dragonivon

4 years ago#61
To call this game the 'new FF7' is sortof a mistake in the first place. The two games have some things in common but they are different sorts of experiences at different times and mindsets of gamers. I certainly DO hope that Ni No Kuni starts becoming a flagship franchise for Ghibli/Level5 since this was an AWESOME teaming. I definitely will be preordering any sequel to this game LONG before release so I don't have the WE heartbreak again.

The ability to appeal to such a wide range of ages is something few other games have been able to do, I can see this being a beloved game for any gamer aged 8 to 58... personally I hope to still be gaming in my 80s and die with a controller in my hand and a great game on my monitor.
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User Info: shinra35800

4 years ago#64
I checked this game out on youtube just because of this topic's title. Boy was I disappointed lol.
I sure did want me a new rpg to play too :P

User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#65
katamori posted...

Not quite.It actually has aged terribly but you are right on the nostalgia part.When you look at FF7 it didn't even age well in the ps1 era as quite a few better RPGs came out in the years after ff7.

wow you just completely disregarded what I said, lol

User Info: atma6

4 years ago#66
Ni no Kuni is a good game, but it isn't that good. It brings nothing new to the table and is unlikely to have any effect on the industry. Whether you like it or not, FFVII brought JRPGs into the mainstream, and was highly influential. So, no. Ni no Kuni doesn't even begin to come close to FFVII.
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User Info: RedWarlord

4 years ago#67
Rydiafan013 posted...

I played FF 1'4 and 6 before 7 and i hated then like i do now ... but the game was amazing for what it did for future RPG's .. you can hate a game but still respect it for how it changed rpg's

I can respect that. But i do not think NNK has changed RPGs or made any significant marks like FF7 did. I don't even think some of the most popular RPGs out there today have made the same kind of impact as FF7. Seriously, think back, everyone. What RPG has really made a mark in the last 10 years. I'm racking my brain.
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User Info: IMRavnos

4 years ago#69
Super Slash posted...
You know what's ironic? People claim FF7 is overrated, but you actually see more haters for it than you do lovers.

Just to clarify my earlier post. I think FFVII is one of the most important Video games ever released.

However, as much as I love getting caught up in nostalgia, it was not as good as people thought it was in 1997.

Just look at the story. While it had some truly epic moments, on a whole it's crap.

Cloud is a pretty shallow character - I pretend to be another guy who was pretty cool and have a big honking sword - wow that's deep.

Sephiroth is funny as Hell, I have the DNA of an alien, therefore I must kill the world. O.k.

Barret, I am mr. T with guns for hands, I pitty the fool.

Tifa, I punch stuff, cloud is kinda cute, OMG fan fiction artists have made me a porn star!!!

I also used to think Thundercats the cartoon was bad ass, then I watched it in my late 30's and thought Wow, the world was so much simpler when I was a kid. lol

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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#70
This game is good, but it's not FF7 good.

Regardless I don't think this game will ever need a remake just like other games of this generation and so on. The only reason game in the SNES - PS2 era need remakes is because graphics weren't as powerful as back then. Who wouldn't like to see Cloud in HD 720p doing the FF7 adventure again (with added sidequests, more places, and extras of course). It's just that I can't see games like Uncharted even 50 years in the future asking to be remade, because the graphics are already perfect unlike past games.
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