This or FFXIII?

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User Info: papajag

4 years ago#11
This. I didn't like FFXIII. It was so linear and the sphere grid limited your characters until the end of the game.
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User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#12
Hallway Simulator 13 was kinda fun. It manages the feeling of cheap a lot worse than this does, even though it's got far more ai options and smoother timings.

All in all, I'd say Ni No Kuni is a lot more fun, and there's very little hardcore about the game.
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User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#13
I thought FFXIII was about an 8 (XIII-2 was a 7.5). The battle system and everything else in Ni No are superior. That being said, I have a coupon for XIII-2...I can get it for like 10 dollars as well.

The value of a game when it's older is more closely tied to it's price. Getting the original XIII for 10 bucks is a no-brainer, I'd almost get another copy of it (or XIII-2, in my case) just because I collect games. So yeah, get XIII now, and Ni No later, I doubt it's going anywhere.
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User Info: thefinaloracle

4 years ago#14
I loved FF XIII but it did in fact have a lot of problems. It certainly isn't perfect but it does have its charm. I'm only like 12 hours in to Ni no Kuni and it really gives me that old school feel that I've been wanting from an RPG for a while now.
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User Info: ZEOPOWER6

4 years ago#15
Get this.

Though FFXIII is like 9.99-14.99 now and is quite the game length if you want to platinum it. I for one, welcomed the linearity of FFXIII. I play RPGs for the story for the most part so I didn't really care about how many paths there were or whatever.

User Info: Kaiser393

4 years ago#16
Well Ni No Kuni could become a rare game, XIII you can find everywhere.

User Info: whalewhisker

4 years ago#17
Final Fantasy XIII is easily the most disappointing game I've ever played. It's not bad, but when it came out hopes were very high.

Ni no Kuni surpassed my expectations.

User Info: liltagg

4 years ago#18
Kaiser393 posted...
Well Ni No Kuni could become a rare game, XIII you can find everywhere.

It'll always be available for download.

And I agree with the people who've said FF13 is worth the 10 bucks, so long as you aren't going in with overly lofty expectations of greatness or anything. It's not a bad game at all, it's mostly just a little disappointing because you can see the potential but they never quite reach it. I still had fun with it though. And I'd definitely choose that until my budget was a bit higher than 150 bucks.

User Info: slipknotfan288

4 years ago#19
Get this I always tell people who like older final fantasy games to avoid 13 like the plague.
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User Info: KainDjinn

4 years ago#20

FFXIII is garbage day.
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