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User Info: AsucaHayashi

4 years ago#271
However, as nice as they are, you can't say the existence of the free content justifies the larger overhead because enjoyment is subjective and just because something is free doesn't mean it's worth anyone's time.

personal enjoyment is irrelevant in this discussion... some might say they enjoy f2p games more than traditional over-the-counter games and vice versa and we would basically get nowhere.

however, the fact that f2p is becoming more prominent among both consumers and developers is proof of its lucrativeness as a business model and thus, it's definitely here to stay and continually give an ever-growing amount of gaming value to the PC platform.

You just have to reach that cap, and because that cap is not a number that can be calculated with accuracy due to prices being an ever-changing value, you have no way of saying that a PC is cheaper for everyone in every situation. In some, yes. For most people here, yes. But for everyone, no.

which is why i mentioned f2p as a "gap closer" if you will.

most f2p games have incredibly low requirements(but can easily scale in order to take advantage of powerful hardware) but the point is that a budget computer around $400-500 right out of the box has free access to hundreds of games which is far more than what something like a $300-400 console and $100-200 in games would realistically ever get you.

no other platform in history can make such a claim.
If console gaming is so cheap then why do I have to spend $600~ in order to play Super Mario Galaxy, Uncharted 3 and Halo 3?

User Info: SilentHawk29

4 years ago#272
From: Sylus2015 | #270
There you go making up numbers again, doing exactly what I said you could do by filling in the blanks with numbers that fall within the large margin of realistic values to affirm your position. It's funny how you say that there is only one variable, yet you throw around at least three different values of a decent gaming rig and a wide spectrum of game prices within each of your posts. As much as I would love to keep playing this battle of make-up numbers and imagining hypothetical situations, I'm heading to bed. I wholly look forward to you coming up with more hypothetical situations where all the prices are considered constant on anything but the items you're using to make your point.

They're called examples. Go ahead and try to refute them after you have your beauty rest? You're the one that brought those particular numbers up anyway, I was countering your examples. These "hypothetical situations" can easily be a reality as they're all based on fact.

Like I said, there is one variable. That variable determines how much you'll spend on a system. This includes cost of computer build or console purchase as well as number of games.

If you're going to argue something, you have to make it believable at least.

PS. Please provide sources for your console games at extreme discounts. I'd still like to know where you found DmC at 40% off on consoles so I can shop there. Both you and that other dude who said he could get Borderlands for 10 pounds haven't provided any credible sources...
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User Info: ajmrowland

4 years ago#273
Pcs not bad but concerning the elitists that tend to lik uber realism this game wont be great for them.

User Info: ajmrowland

4 years ago#274
shoe7ess posted...
Leanaunfurled posted...
Am I the only one that chooses their gaming system purely for its exclusive library? I assume that's the most important part, anyway. PS3 has a great controller and Blu-Ray, Wii has some cool motion control if done well and optional (for most games), PC has KB/M and has mods and can be upgraded and used for other crap as well, among others. But all of those, including handhelds, have their own amazing set of games you can play that others won't, and that's why I still play hours and hours of PS3 even though I also have a high-end PC.

This. So this.

Second that.

User Info: Asellus

4 years ago#275
PS3 has a great controller and Blu-Ray

You can use a ps3 controller on a pc though admittedly it involves a bit more work than the officially supported 360 one. You can do a blu-ray drive too though it's kind of pointless for gaming since every pc game installs to a hard drive.


well yes, they didn't put much effort into it but there's another reason why the game "hasn't sold well" and that's because he doesn't have any numbers to back up his claim with and afaik, there are none so i might as well say DS was an immense succes on PC and i would be just as right.

actually now that i think about it DS managed to stay in the top 5 spot across various sites(it was nr.1 on steam for instance) which means i'm actually more right than he is.

It's not exactly a scientific test but I've got around 230 Steam friends and looking at the game 22 of them own it. Compare that to say the 5 friends I have who own CoD: Black Ops 2 or the 1 friend I have who has DmC.

Unless a publisher decides to release an official figures all you can really do is try to extrapolate since Steam doesn't release sales data to anyone else but I doubt the game sold at all badly.

User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#276
PC games suck since most are lame ports.

User Info: Leanaunfurled

4 years ago#277
From: Asellus | #275
You can use a ps3 controller on a pc though admittedly it involves a bit more work than the officially supported 360 one. You can do a blu-ray drive too though it's kind of pointless for gaming since every pc game installs to a hard drive.

Didn't say you couldn't, just that the PS3 has those pros. And the PS3 controller takes no word to get working on PC, though if you have a certain kind of mouse, you can't have it installed at all. Which is the problem I ran into, but oh well. Only game I had trouble with kb/m for is Sonic Generations.

User Info: grand8186

4 years ago#278
With Dark Souls, I felt like a pc port would greatly improve the game. And it did. I don't have the same feeling with Ni No Kuni. There's little room for improvement other than your usual pc options, which Dark Souls didn't even come with.

Still, if more people can play, why not?

From: Omegatron_ | #049
Foofyhead posted...
Nobody plays PC games.

Nobody pays for PC games. [FIXED]

Neither of you know what you're talking about. [FIXED]

User Info: Ep1taph303

4 years ago#279
Gaboado posted...
PC games suck since most are lame ports.

The ignorance is strong with this one.
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User Info: Thanatos2k

4 years ago#280
I saved for my PC. I would rather spend my disposable income on a trip to Disneyland or something than a console I would only buy for about 2 games. Disposable income =/= spending money on frivolous things

A gaming PC is a far more frivolous purchase than a gaming console.

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