Stupid GameStop Employees

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User Info: Iccirrus

4 years ago#201
StuntmanSnake posted...
castrejon04 posted...
So you are complaining on something you are getting for free? Some people didn't even get the steel book.

That was the same bull**** logic the GameStop employees were feeding me. That's like saying if they gave me nothing at all and said "Well, it would have been free, right? No loss!

I preordered for a reason.

Things can get damaged in shipping,its not their fault.
and who cares if theyve never heard of a niche game or cared enough if it got a pre order bonus or not.
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User Info: ShoFujiwara

4 years ago#202
Waa..Just be happy that you got one...The stores weren't sent alot...and it's a damn metal case....
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User Info: ShoFujiwara

4 years ago#203
Om3g4W34p0n posted...
Sorry to hear about your steelbook (most of them were received damaged do to the fact they were packed loose with other items) due to the limited nature of the preorder bonus it may have been hard to secure you a replacement.

However if you were feeling devalued as a customer I recommend going to tellgamestop dot com, and fill out the survey which I can assure you is read by the DM of that particular store as it is part of a ranking system called NPS.

I am an ASM at a store in my area and I try my hardest to make GameStop a great place to get games. I'm sure your local manager would be just as happy to help you work through your problems with their "stupid" employees as customer service should be top priority at all locations.

You do know you're not really supposed to go onto boards like this and flat out tell people you work at GS :\...
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User Info: terminal21

4 years ago#204
This thread has entertained me all day. Sad to see it finally losing steam. What to do now? Play the game I guess?

User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#205
This topic is quickly feeding TC's little troll belly.
*poke* *jiggle*

User Info: simonsteele

4 years ago#206
PrinceMedion posted...
Sorry I fail to see how any of that was stupid. The store has no power to prevent a case like that being damaged in shipment, if you wanted the case to be perfect you should have picked the game up a week ago... you know when it came out? The stores not even obligated to keep the preorder bonus after 48 hours your lucky you even got one after a week with the shortage of them and all.

So the guy didn't remember to give it to you at first, its an easy mistake when every game has a preorder bonus and they're all handled differently (some are physical items, some are codes that come inside the case, some are printed on the receipt, some are something the store is shipped, some are recieved long before the game ever comes out, some arrive the same day the game releases, ect)

I really don't get the hate.

I have never preordered, but that's how it works? There is a time limit on it for pickup and after that it is fine if it is given to you in any condition? I'll have to remember that if I ever preorder, I wonder if they put that in the fine print or something. You'd think that a set amount of money would get you the same quality regardless of when you picked it up. And if a company received a defective product they'd send it back and get a replacement or at least replace it for the customer. But hey, what do I know, I haven't worked in retail for about 10 years. Things change.
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User Info: Kageblade23

4 years ago#207
king_madden posted...
westonticklee posted...
He never said when he even noticed the dent. For all we know he could have made the dent himself.

this is probably what happened, judging by the way he is freaking out, he doesnt strike me as the type of person who wouldnt notice it when he first purchased it. Hes probably been playing the game for a week, and was checking out the case, when he noticed the dent. he doesnt remember doing anything to dent it so he blames gamestop, even though its possible he couldve caused the dent.

so he makes a topic about stupid gamestop something, knowing he would immediately get a bunch of backers with all of the gamestop hate going around on these boards.

you make a very good point i back him all favor of gamestop dropping new items in new condition...if they dont rage status... otherwise if you didnt notice when you grabbed that stuff from them then dont be blaming them... and im sure it could have easily been rectified if he had noticed it in the store...excuse me sir... you just gave me a damaged case can i get one thats not damaged sure... come on people its not that hard to ask for one when your right there... i do that all the time exspecially with used games that have peoples names on it... if they have an extra and dont mind id love it if not no big problem i can pick up something else and wait till i find a copy with a case thats not damaged or written on...

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#208
AlwaysDreamer posted...
Stupid whiny, elitist customers. It's people like you that make me not give a crap about my job.

maybey you should do your job and not wreck the merchandise,lazzey people should be fired hint hint
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User Info: Sephiroth Clone

Sephiroth Clone
4 years ago#209
As a gamer with little to no retail experience who has tried to get a job at Gamestop numerous times only to be pushed back because of said of lack of retail experience, i've come to the conclusion that Gamestop, a company that sells games don't care if you like games they just care if you can sell them. Thus, most gamestop employees are incompetent when it comes to game knowledge (except for the really popular ones like Call of Duty and what have you) or they're just plain casuals.
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User Info: mt830plus

4 years ago#210
TC hey I'm not trying to rub it in, but I didn't pre-order. I walked in and bought it the day it went on sale and was given the bonus case. It's in great condition, too. It's not the only game they've done that for, either. I dunno maybe it's because I treat the GS employees good and in turn they hook it up when they can? Times are still rough for some of us man. That guy selling you video games just might have a college degree, is trying to feed a family on a craptastic wage, and doesn't like being talked down to by every other dillbag who walks in the door?
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