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User Info: Muflaggin

4 years ago#21
From: BrigadierSolo | #056
Here's an idea:

Control Esther yourself.

Here's an idea. He shouldn't have to.

You should probably find those Toko things and grind a bit or hell just quit playing. You're not gonna miss out on much honestly.
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User Info: BigSharkZ

4 years ago#22
ChrisCaustic posted...
Just got to Hamelin and the AI is so ******* terrible, I just cannot play this game anymore. Normally I can deal with stuff like this, but I cannot believe how poorly designed the games combat is. It really sucks, because other than this I've really but enjoying the game. But here, let me give you an example:
Keep ind mind, Esther is set to healing, swaine is set to not use abilities. Esther has 68 mp, and swaine has 45
I walk out of Hamelin and....
Battle #1: Esther uses 30 mp, Swaine uses 15
Battle #2: Esther uses another 22 mp and still gets killed. Swaine uses 10 more
Battle #3: Esther uses the remainder of her mp, gets killed again. Swaine uses another 15 mp.

How the hell am I supposed to get anywhere when I can't get 20 steps out of ******* town without running out of mp. It's absolutely ridiculous. I know level 5 have designed many RPGs before, but its almost like the designers of this game have never even played a ******* RPG before. What a waste.

Wait, he's set not to use any abilities, yet he uses MP out of nowhere? Are you sure you're pressing the OK button?
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User Info: tommy vercetti 2

tommy vercetti 2
4 years ago#23
BigSharkZ posted...
Wait, he's set not to use any abilities, yet he uses MP out of nowhere? Are you sure you're pressing the OK button?
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User Info: Synthetic_CK

4 years ago#24
I only equip my familiars with low MP abilities and keep both of them on do what you want. I still get healed when needed. Keep a decent line up of tank/healer/dps and you should see a difference.
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User Info: rynrako

4 years ago#25
Sure the AI is a bit over zealous with how often they use skills, (especially the buffs which I kind of hate mainly because they interrupt actions) but overall they do a good job for me. I have em set to provide support and they actually do a really good job of healing when i need it and they tend to always try to hit elemental weaknesses if they have a familiar with the right tricks. Set low cost skills on your familiars and get a strong physical familiar for each.

The AI abusing skills, the right ones mind you, makes things go incredibly smooth. Not only that, you basically get free heals from any save point and can avoid most enemy encounters on the world map, especially in the Hamelin area where most of the enemies are kinda slow. I find it hard to believe people are having this much trouble with the AI though when a lot of it isn't really much of a problem at all.

Yes, it could be better. In fact, it would be great if you could choose which skills the AI can use in battle without having to unequip them like in Kingdom Hearts or Ys Seven would have been a great feature, but simply choosing lower MP skills, taking off high cost (and in a number of cases inefficient anyway) skills or turning off skills altogether helps a bunch if you need to conserve MP.

And let's not forget that there are MP restorative items should you need them, which to be honest you don't at least not at that point. Or you can give your other characters a familiar with High Def to increase survival. Or you can interrupt attacks by using Pulse with Oliver which knocks most enemies either down or back. Or you can do what most people find is easy and set your best physical attacking familiar in the first slot on the left and watch them go to town on everything. At that point in the game, everyone should have met more than their fair share of decent ones, plus the Hamelin area is home to Clinketyclanks, which are perfect for Swaine.

None of the characters should be dying really because the majority of the time they should be using their familiar and there are plenty of them are excellent for different things. If they are not, hit L1 and switch to them and toss out the one you want them to use, instead of letting get pummeled by every monster on the field and wondering why the AI isn't telepathically doing what you wish they would and what their basic programming instructs.

While I agree, yes Esther shouldn't be sitting there trying to use her slow and pitiful harp attack to damage enemies (which I see her do a little too often which drives me nuts), you really shouldn't be sitting there watching her do it either. Time pauses when you tap L1 which allows you to assess the battle field and see what needs to be done.

Sorry you are frustrated with the AI, but most of us are working around the issue and enjoy the game since it actually requires us to do something other than walk toward the enemy and watch the battle, like in FFXII, or are sucking it up and getting over it so they can enjoy the rest of the adventure, which gets better as you gain more MP, money and just general experience.

The real problem with this game isn't how bad the AI is, it's how lazy people have become because of really good ones in other games that do everything for them.
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User Info: berserks

4 years ago#26
Like some people said , give a phisical atacker to everyone in the first spot and there is no way swaine is using mp if he is on " don t use abilities " .

Personally they are all on " don t use abilities " beside oliver that is on heals . If i need something specific i ll switch and use it myself ( if i do that , it mean i m in trouble and oliver healing while i do something else help ) , problems solved .
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User Info: SharkMe

4 years ago#27
Why dont you just change their tactics to not use MP?
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User Info: PirateMoe

4 years ago#29
SharkMe posted...
Why dont you just change their tactics to not use MP?

And ruin this great internet I'm getting? No way, don't listen to him, TC!

User Info: MidianGTX

4 years ago#30
I read a few reviews that said the combat seems a bit sloppy until you figure out how it works and then it becomes startlingly clever. I remember thinking when I read "loads of people just won't figure out how it works".
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