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User Info: quakernautic2

4 years ago#1
(my main language is Spanish so excuse me for my poor grammar)

well as the title says i started a llg run on this game yesterday and i would like to get/share some tips with anyone that is doing / wants to do a LLG.

I played only a couple of hours and get only to golden forest with a lvl 5 Oliver, so far it has been relatively easy, i died only once and it was expected to happen because i wanted a full heal while collecting all the items in the first map and only lose 3g (from the first introductory/mandatory battle)

So some tips for anyone who wants to try this:
Don´t fight random battles, this is a must in all LLG that gives you exp for winning so escaping every possible battle its mandatory, in order to accomplish this a lot of tricks can help you escape or evade the battles.
To avoid
-Veil, this is the obvious choice but it really late game so its not an option at this point
-Seek Fortune, the same with veil it freezes enemies on screen but is not obtained until later
-Speaking to your party members will give you a 1.5 - 2 seconds freeze on enemies this is good to get a preemptive too but not that reliable
-Taking a item, opening a chest, this freezes enemies as well for a few seconds
-Know the enemies speeds, study enemies for a while watch how fast they move and what is their move/watch range, if they re too fast try to take a detour to avoid them if the have the same speed, or if they run in a straight line if they see you or are plainly slower than you then just run in front of them.
-You can use the bones spikes in the first map to make enemies get stuck

In order to escape battles
-Always go for Preemptive battles, when touching an enemy from behind you get a free turn at the start of the battle, use this to run away with a 100% chance of success.
-Always try to run at full health, if you fail enemies will respawn in front of you AND get a free turn to hit you while you can don nothing but watch, as long as you are able to move block or cure yourself and then escape will be available again (it takes longer than the stun of failing the escape)
-I have never missed more than 4 times while trying to escape, so i always stall for some mp obrs before trying the 5th escape attempt.

General tips
-Loot everything on the map, towns and for quest that doesnt include battles, if its not usefull you can sell them to get money, money is difficult to get on LLG because we are avoiding the random battles
-Oliver spamming magic is the way to go for boss fight, invest some defense treats on your Mite for stalling mp orbs and use oliver for damage/healing with breads (never used one so far but probably will) or healing touch
-When against an easy fight stall to get some free mp orbs to replenish your healing touch count.
-Your first merit award must be the one that rises your chances to get a preemptive strike, the second must be the one to get more orbs, then the one for running faster on the field, then whatever for the rest of the first tier, this is theorical for me so far because i cant fill 2 at this point.
-When in a normal (not preemptive) battle against enemies that cast strong attacks is recomended to run away and stall first with the mite so enemies waste their MP on your block, that way if oliver fails to escape he can only get hit by normal attacks and not get devastated by 2 powerful charge attacks.
-Save a lot!! some times just by saving and exit/enter the game you will get more favorable spawns on the map, if a enemies is about to hit you in the world map and it will be a certain death then save/exit/enter and take a look again :P

Well thats it for now, hope to update tomorrow on how did the golden forest run go :P, all tips, recommendations and experiences are welcome, lets see how far we can get.

User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#2
Sounds boring as heck, but good luck.
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User Info: SoopaSte123

4 years ago#3
This will really throw a damper on trying to catch familiars. What's your strategy there? Or are you really going to do a low level run with only the base familiars?

User Info: you_want_hugs

4 years ago#4
why would you ever want to do this the only enjoyable part of this game besides the story is leveling and creature collecting/evolving

User Info: zPolar

4 years ago#5
i'd rather do something like a pure demon familiars run. or pure minima familiars run.

User Info: quakernautic2

4 years ago#6
SoopaSte123 posted...
This will really throw a damper on trying to catch familiars. What's your strategy there? Or are you really going to do a low level run with only the base familiars?

The fact that Mite is forced to be evolved is a serious matter in this playtrough :/ i have two options, one is theorical and i dont know if it possible but its to catch a enemy and run away while the other enemy its asleep, if by doing so you gain no exp for the enemy you catch the all its OK, the same goes for stealing.

in the other hand if tht doesnt work the i will need to run an aditional speedy play trough or wait for a complete walktrough to determine the exact amount of experience for bosses and forced battles in order to know how much exp oliver can get without gaining another level (in the end), that gives me some frame to do some hunts and get some familiars, my bet would be to get some early pickers because exp for leveling them its also finite i need monsters that can keep up the rythm.
And evolving is probably out of the question too.


About the why or what of it is boring to do this, well i personally have done lots of these kinds of run in other games and found them a lot more fun than normal game, in normal game when a enemy kills you, you just can go kill some stuff get more pots and kill him by grinding, in LLG its all about metagame, strategy and skill and in some cases that make (for me obviously) the games even more fun than they originally are.

User Info: xChaosLokix

4 years ago#7
It is pretty annoying that you have to put in so much effort just to NOT level up. 90% of the enemies are faster than you so there's no escaping them once they've got you locked on and it's just constant battle after battle when you're just trying to get to the next location. I found it annoying just trying to do a normal playthrough with enemies jumping you every 5 seconds and a majority of the maps consisting of narrow hallways making it impossible to not engage in battle.

Good luck with your play through though if you can survive up until you reach the casino It'd probably get a lot easier with the great sage elixirs and all the coffee you can chug.

Veil really should have been given earlier in the game and remove the initiative bonus it gives or just a holy water type of item that lowers encounters or makes you invisible without giving you initiative. This games encounter rate is worse than games that just have straight up random encounters. lol

User Info: Fa1nTy

4 years ago#8
Veil and Travel both should have been must sooner, it's one of the biggest downsides of the game
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User Info: quakernautic2

4 years ago#9
travel too...

User Info: SoopaSte123

4 years ago#10
As a thought for taming monsters, you could save your game, try to catch them, and if it fails then you reload. It would remove the xp gain except for the time you actually catch them.

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