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Golden Hurly Code

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User Info: DigitalFusion

4 years ago#1

Decided to allow anyone to enter (other person loss) and will generate a winner by
12 am (GMT+0) 1st February

Just post in this topic, I will place your name in the generator for a chance to win.
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User Info: KainDjinn

4 years ago#2
Sounds good to me!

Did I tell you how handsome you look today? (no homo)
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User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#3
Completely random, or just within the topic?
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User Info: DigitalFusion

4 years ago#4
Only those who post in this topic.

Easier and fair.
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User Info: cancerboy87

4 years ago#5
regardless of who you give it too, thats pretty nice of you tc

People like you make the world go round :D
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User Info: inbetweenphase

4 years ago#6
I would totally appreciate it. I have nothing to set my copy apart yet since I picked it up without a preorder. :p
Either way, thanks for giving it away!

User Info: Spike21

4 years ago#7
Well I'll toss my name in to the hat then :)
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User Info: Crazyguy4005

4 years ago#8
im down for that.
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User Info: GameCoder

4 years ago#9
DigitalFusion posted...
Only those who post in this topic.

Easier and fair.

Then how do you do it, pick one from this board? Sounds good.
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User Info: UltraMarcus

4 years ago#10
I ordered from and despite advertising the code, they have said that they never meant to advertise any DLC. It's such garbage. Winning this code would be amazing though! Heres hoping!
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