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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#21
watched a co-worker win an award that came with 10,000$ and a video camera today. not sure how im liking my odds on this one. but one cane hope.
cant decide which movie is the worst movie; dragon ball z evolution, m.nights last air bender, or twilight????? hmmm

User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#22
Daddy likey Golden Hurly?
PS3/Vita - Dagdamor3725
3DS - 5241-3238-1742 - Tony

User Info: jojothecoltsfan

4 years ago#23
You rock!
"I have this sneaky suspicion we're being watched."
"You can watch me take this bad boy out. That ninja kung-fu crap is highly overrated."

User Info: Xanatos_Gambit

4 years ago#24
I want this way too bad for words!

User Info: edomon007

4 years ago#25
sounds good

User Info: Cloud21212

4 years ago#26
put me down too what do i got to loose.
So many games to get and play!
PSN ID: Cloud2121

User Info: shadowmelody

4 years ago#27
Hope I can win it. Thanks TC.

User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#28
XBL/PSN/Steam/NNID: VidalukoVet
(most)This gen games:

User Info: ssufurjin

4 years ago#29
Hi add me to this please.

User Info: slashnma

4 years ago#30
i'm in

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