Golden Hurly Code

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User Info: Kingkiel

4 years ago#221
Never know....
PSN = X_Omegaforce_X

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#222
meh, i wasnt even in teh top 45.

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User Info: Storm83

4 years ago#223
I would like to take myself out of the contest. A very nice forum member (shaman-king) noticed I did not have Hurley and gave me his extra since he gets it for free in Scotland. (=
Thank you though for being generous to everyone! ! !

Edit*** Pshhhh ( throws hand up and moves it in a Z pattern ) I wasnt even included in the top 45....nevermind then!!!! ^_^

User Info: DarkLobstroisty

4 years ago#224
Might as well give it a shot!

User Info: Spykr_Magio

4 years ago#225

User Info: DigitalFusion

4 years ago#226
Topic Closed

Winner already decided

Closing to prevent confusion.
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