wont i look stupid as as adult

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  3. wont i look stupid as as adult

User Info: bdc19

4 years ago#91
Clogged_Artery posted...
I am 31 and bought the game today

Same here, except I bought it the day it came out.
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User Info: helvinek83

4 years ago#92
This is something I used to wonder about but really the answer would be no. Let me explain I started playing rpgs when I was like 8 and it was super hard. I lost on the final dungeon to Kraken when I gave up and traded it in. I didn't even really know how to deal with getting petrified and always had trouble understanding it when I was young.

Now that I am 29 I know I will be playing RPG's the rest of my life. I mean I still play Pokemon so I know it's not dumb for an adult to play these things when we can appreciate them more than some unlearned child who knows no sense of the meaning of enjoyment.

I don't think kids have enough brain power to truly understand something as complex as an RPG to truly appreciate all of the dynamics. As a kid I couldn't fully grasp the concept of games and often would completely forget the entire experience. As adults we are a lot more cognizant to handle these things than someone still in their childhood. I think if anything adults can gain more from the experience than children. Plus video games are so part of the social norm men in their 40's are playing them as I am sure I will be still playing well into my 50's.

It just depends because regardless of age you are never too old to be a kid at heart. Just like Peter Pan you never have to grow up in your heart but at the same time its best to be consistent with your desires.
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  3. wont i look stupid as as adult

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