UPS lost my Wizard's Edition (Canada)

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  3. UPS lost my Wizard's Edition (Canada)

User Info: Spike21

4 years ago#1
I'm on the east coast of Canada, so my delivery date was today, Feb 1st.

On Monday my package entered customs in Lachine, QC. And my tracking status stayed there. It still hasn't changed.

Clearance in Progress
Lachine, QC, Canada 01/28/2013 22:58
Registered with clearing agency Shipment release pending clearing agency review / Shipment submitted to clearing agency, awaiting final release

I called UPS yesterday since it was the day before my delivery and my status still hadn't changed, and was assured everything was fine and that I would still get my package. Called again early this morning and was told the same.

So I wait all day, and call them after 7pm when I don't get it, and they inform me that the package could be lost and that I should contact the shipper to find out how I can be reimbursed. Well we all know what Digital River is gonna say.

In the mean time, they are doing a "trace" and I should be contacted freakin Monday morning about the issue.

Does anyone know what the hell could be going on here? Any other Canadians have their WE stuck in "Clearance in Progress" for a really long time? Could it still be in customs after 5 days? If so, why doesn't UPS seem to know whats going on?

Thanks guys, just had to ask and rant. I'm disappointed and tired.
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User Info: Eternal_Dream21

4 years ago#2
I received mine last Tuesday, but it was stuck on that status from the previous Friday to Monday, so yours might not be lost yet.

User Info: castrejon04

4 years ago#3
I doubt UPS would lose something that big unless some crazy employee knows what it is and steals and later claims it that it was lost.
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User Info: hamstergeval

4 years ago#4
I'm still waithing for my Griffy&Flutterby DLC code, cause the company I ordered it from would issue it on the day of release... It's the 2nd today, and I still don't have it.... I had the game since last wednes, but didn't start it till yesterday, due to that reason.

User Info: buddhafied

4 years ago#5
I'm from the West Coast and I just got it today (Friday). The UPS status is not very accurate especially it scans late. You have reasons to be concerned but it could be at clearance for longer due to volume. So I suggest wait over the weekend, if by Monday noon the status still hasn't changed then contact them.
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User Info: Funky_Bubbles

4 years ago#6
Both me and my friend are in the same situation here (Newfoundland, Canada). I wouldn't worry until it doesn't show up on Monday. UPS has terrible service here, so I usually hope for the date to be accurate but usually it is late. I REALLY wanted to play it this weekend too, as I have Midterms in Uni all next week. Ugh. So start worrying after Monday.

User Info: jkdarlow

4 years ago#7
Likely stole it to flog it on ebay.

User Info: Spike21

4 years ago#8
Well, I was called yesterday morning(Monday), told it was lost by my local UPS office. Called Digital River, they opened a ticket. Called national UPS, got a supervisor on the phone, then talked to the Trace dept. All told me it was lost, might not see it, 50/50 chance at best.

Trace takes 8 business days. So I figure it's going to be the middle of next week before I even find out if I'm screwed, and I probably am.

Then 8pm Monday night there's a knock at my door. Wizard's Edition.

I was shocked and very happy, but this just goes to show how well UPS knows wtf is going on with your packages.
3DS FC - 2191-7909-4186
Serenity now, insanity later.

User Info: Snadados

4 years ago#9
Keeping track of over 15 million packages per day can't be easy.
Get international customs involved and I'm sure it can be a real nightmare.
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User Info: murgyver

4 years ago#10
Ups tracers take eight business days, but i bet it is still in customs, that takes a few days sometimes
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