Anyone who's played Rainbow Moon.

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User Info: LeonidVas

4 years ago#11
Rainbow moon was a great game. I got a platinum for it and kept pn playing as platinum comes before you can actually defeat those horrible postgame vampires.

There were 2 off-putting parts on hard mode - one in the very first dungeon where you do have to grind weak enemies for an hour or two because you can't even touch anything. The other one when you complete the big continent and the game world opens up and the monsters seem over your head anywhere you go. You don't have to grind though, but trying here and there and finally getting through takes about 20 hours or so.

As for Ni No Kuni, I'm 12 hours in and so far it seems a total grindfest as probably 10 hours out of these were spent hunting ingredients, leveling familiars, fighting monsters to make familiars more hungry,

Not that this is something bad, but saying that NNK does not have grind is being in denial. With familiars being captured at lv 1, reset to level 1 after evolution and being captured based on chance, it probably has more grind than any game this generation

As for the game world size, I'd say both of these games have relatively small game worlds but I'm not sure about NNK as I haven't been far.
XxXKiIIerXBunniesXxX 4 years ago#12
I don't know why but the worldmap felt pretty large for Rainbow Moon, maybe it was because of the dungeons also. Too bad I don't own or will own any other system besides PS3 for quite some time, in order to try these other games I keep hearing good things about.

I wish they would make a game on a console that is as large as MMO scale maps, like WoW and Final Fantasy. Those world maps are huge. I only have a laptop and it does not play any of these games like GuildWars2, I wouldn't mind tryiing out if I had the system to run it, but I don't. I only play games on PS3. So this is why I got NNK, since I heard it had a lot of things to do. But I'm starting to feel it's not as huge as advertised. Which is fine, it is fun anyway.
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