What's a good jrpg that's not in no kuni.

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  3. What's a good jrpg that's not in no kuni.

User Info: Asthreon

4 years ago#171
Chronux posted...
PW360 posted...
SO4 is a bastardization of everything SO3 did right. Don't bother with that one.

SO4 was good, I had a lot of time and hours in that one.

stop putting your stupid laughable opinion as fact.

TC SO4 is worth to buy, youll get a lot of hours on it.. dont listen to these dummies.

Why would you try to trick the OP like that? That's just cruel.

I would recommend Valkyria Chronicles, but it's not a traditional JRPG, it's more on the strategy side of genre.

User Info: LyricalAura

4 years ago#172
Tales of Graces f may have a shallow story, but it's also the most fun I've gotten out of a battle system in years.

User Info: SazhOfLandis

4 years ago#173
I always thought Star Ocean 4 was a fun game. I love some of that Sci-Fi cheesiness.

Anyway, TC, you should check out Tales of Graces F, Xenoblade, Persona 4 The Golden, Last Story and Resonance Of Fate (God this game was ridiculously fun)

User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#174
NIER is more like an RPG version of hack-n-slash, but it had one of the best soundtrack and story.

NIER did that whole "make you feel miserable for killing" way before Spec Ops made it cool.
Borderlands 2: Maya-10, Zero-50, Axton-25, Sal-50

User Info: DeadManFloating

4 years ago#175
Lost Odyssey.
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  3. What's a good jrpg that's not in no kuni.

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