What's a good jrpg that's not in no kuni.

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  3. What's a good jrpg that's not in no kuni.

User Info: Thanatos2k

4 years ago#21
What's underrated about magna carta 2? Outside of the art, it's the most "by the number" JRPG ever.

It was above average. Pretty much every facet of the game was solid. That can't for said for a lot of games these days.

User Info: Milox3

4 years ago#22
Tales of Symphonia was so good, my favorite tales by far.

Xenoblade was pretty good too, to be honest I haven't played any more recent ones
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#23
SO4 is infinitely worse than 3 imo. It takes a nosedive right off the gameplay plateau that Til the End of Time stood atop, and the characters are quite possibly some of the worst I have ever seen......ever. Playing that game was suffering, and I unfortunately endured that suffering all the way to the end, because apparently, I'm extremely masochistic.
...I guess it does have a lot of content though...
Terrible, terrible content...

If you want a few other current-gen recommendations(since there's just way too many past-gen games to ever bother listing) with roughly equal or greater amounts of content than NNK, then...
Tales of Vesperia/Graces
Demon's/Dark Souls
Disgaea 4
...maybe Lost Odyssey? I forget how much stuff there was to do in that game.
Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, and Pandora's Tower are noteworthy as well, though they don't really compete strictly in terms of raw content.

User Info: PW360

4 years ago#24
Thanatos2k posted...
PW360 posted...
SO4 is a bastardization of everything SO3 did right. Don't bother with that one.

SO3 is a bastardization of everything SO2 did right. And with a terrible story to boot!

SO2 did things right? News to me.
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User Info: SkrallRampager

4 years ago#25
Xenoblade is the only other current gen RPG that competes with Ni No Kuni.

It's arguably even better.

User Info: shoe7ess

4 years ago#26
Personally, I loved SO4's content, because there was a lot of stuff to do. The alchemy was fun as hell, and there is a lot of end game content you can do before NG+. Combat is a lot of fun, and the AI does a pretty good job.

On the down side, the story wasn't the greatest, but the characters were worse. The main character is the type of person I would have punched in the face numerous times in High School, and I'm not even an aggressive person, he's just that damn annoying. Not to mention the little girl's Lithiumed up 'kays she fits into every line of dialogue.

I'd say it's worth picking up for the content and gameplay itself, just not for the story/character development.
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User Info: xJubezx

4 years ago#27
For me, Tales of Graces F was the only town-to-town JRPG worth playing so far. Fun battle system, 6 difficulties, a bunch of content, story is fine and at some points actually comedic. Eternal Sonata was a good one too, but that'll be hard to get your hands on. Star Ocean 4 was meh IMO
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User Info: SkrallRampager

4 years ago#28
Eternal Sonata was so horrible.... lol

Please don't play it. I have warned you ;P

User Info: monstre

4 years ago#29
Personally I don't get all the love for xenoblade, haven't played it but every time people describe it it sounds like an off line MMORPG. Bland story, character full of pointless side quest that are all either fetch quest or "kill X of Y enemy". I'd probably have played it if it wasn't on the wii, but that would require plugging it in and playing the wii on HD tv is always bad.
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User Info: stu300189

4 years ago#30
From: monstre | Posted: 2/2/2013 7:31:06 PM | #029
haven't played it but

and that's where we all stopped reading.
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