Who wants a gold hurly?!

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User Info: link_15

4 years ago#1
I JUST got my wizard edition and in celebration I'll be giving away the golden hurly code I got from the American guide for one lucky person. Since I want to be fair Let's make it into a small game.

All you have to do is guess my two favorite ghibli movies. The tricky part is that you have to guess them in the right order.

Only one guess per post and one post per hour allowed so other people can get a chance.

If you post more than one guess per post, or more than one post in an hour, your guess will be ignored even if it was the right answer.

Good luck ^_^
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User Info: squall_83

4 years ago#2
Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke

User Info: rvnender

4 years ago#3
iphones suck
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User Info: RagKnight

4 years ago#4
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
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User Info: mellifluous70

4 years ago#5
spirited away / princess mononoke

User Info: ShreddyBobby

4 years ago#6
Grave of Fireflies, My Neighbor Totoro.

User Info: Tyrel_Airizon

4 years ago#7
howls moving castle, my neighbour totoro

User Info: edomon007

4 years ago#8
My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#9
Grave of the FIreflies
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User Info: butterbeancd

4 years ago#10
Princess Mononoke
Grave of Fireflies
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