How-To-Tutorial:Steal rarest items with 100% chance / Scroll of Truth, etc.

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    Okay, for anyone still after the Scroll of Truths, I tried the TC's method last night, but (as pointed out by other posters) there is a much better way in my opinion.

    The problem is that, although the method the TC quoted does give 100% change for a Scroll of Truth, to get gold glims from defense is very rare. You could be waiting for 30 minutes in a single battle to get one, and that would be for one single scroll of truth.

    The better strategy is to try and force out a gold glim, and the best way to do this is to use Oliver's Pulse Spell.

    Here's the basic premises

    - As soon as you enter a battle with a gold Honkey Tonk, set the party to All out Defense (Square). You will need to continue to do this one it expires, otherwise your party will start killing the mobs.

    - With Oliver, start casting Pulse on all enemies other than the Gold Honkey Tonk. Pulse will always generate a 'neat' reaction, and has a decent chance to force out a gold glim. You'll get about 4 casts before killing all enemies other than the Honkey Tonk.

    - If a gold gilm hasn't dropped then start casting Pulse on the Honkey Tonk. You'll get about another 6 chances before you kill him. However, stop casting pulse when his health is almost gone, since we don't want to kill him just yet.

    - If after that a gold glim hasn't appeared, swap to Swaine and cast Mugshot, and try your luck at the 20% chance of stealing the Scroll of Truth.

    If a gold Glim does ever drop, you want to pick it up with Swaine. Note though, that often I swap to the nearest party member to it and move them away, since otherwise they can steal it before you have a chance to pick it up. Once you've picked it up with Swaine, use his special ability to steal the Scroll of Truth from the Gold Honkey Tonk.

    Using this method you'll get around 1 scroll of truth for every 2 honkey tonks you face. The TC's method is more reliable, but it takes much longer in the long run since you'll spend 20+ minutes on a single battle waiting for a gold glim, where as this method you'll cycle through the battles in a couple of minutes.

    I got 6 scrolls of truth last night in ~90 minutes. (I ended up with 1 more extra than I needed), with the majority of that time being me actually trying to find the rare Golden Honkey Tonks.
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