easy money?

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User Info: aangozai

4 years ago#1
is there a way to get easy money and is there also a way to get easy chips for the casino?

User Info: Bladenyte

4 years ago#2
read the platoon faq. theres a nearly perfectly reliable method of winning a ton of chips in a fast period of time.

you could use that to just buy stuff to sell, i guess.

i dont think theres any monsters that drop a lot of money. its possible though, i just dont know
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User Info: xiaotama

4 years ago#3
if u are earning money for the trophy, during the post-game, by the time u finish all the quest, u should earn way more than enough for it.

for chips, i agree platoon is the best, if u can make the opponent's prediction miss, u should earn about 400k-600k when she stop the match

User Info: a_big_fish_stik

4 years ago#4
If you want to sacrifice the fun in Platoon, make sure to read the AI prediction section. I enjoyed a good 10-20 games first though, as i really enjoy Platoon (first time playing it). I'm glad they added it also.

But it's still pretty easy to win anyway. The AI prediction thing is just overkill or if you want to get a lot of chips.
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User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#5
Gold tokocolds maybe? Platoon or patience. I broke the half a mil trophy while grinding out alchemy ingredients and leveling familars. I hit the half mil before I hit the 200 species tamed.

User Info: Aceviper

4 years ago#6
The easiest way to get money is definitely from playing platoon in the casino

I won nearly 2m chips in 3 games, which is enough to transfer to over 1m money by getting medal of agilities and selling them

they cost 5000 chips and sells for 2800
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