any 'older' gamers playing this?

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User Info: mindandsoul

4 years ago#11
Cool guys only posted this 10 minutes ago and already quite a few responses....thank you all. I think its sold out across the board in the uk right now....but the likeliness I will purchase it has grown...and its always nice to hear the older guys points of view so keep em coming.

User Info: CharlieF

4 years ago#12
I'm 45 and I love this game.
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User Info: Lokril

4 years ago#13
I am 30 and I am loving my time with this game. I played an beat Eternal Sonata and I will finish this game as well.

I don't get enough JRPG's to really be picky about what I play anymore. Really though If you are a fan of RPG's you should give it a try. If you can get passed the kiddy look and embrace it you will very endeared by this game.

User Info: Lonewolf_80

4 years ago#14
Yep 30+ here and been into the game ever since it was announced, I mean I love Ghibli and Level-5 so I was even more excited for this and I just love the game plain and simple, though I will admit I did blub at the beginning of the game for the beautiful story.
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User Info: Sorv

4 years ago#15
mindandsoul posted...
Hi guys just wondering if there are any over 30's playing this game? Im 36 and everything about it piques my interest apart from the child like theme of it really as 'kiddy' as it looks? Im a long time rpg fan but some of the more cutesy games (eternal sonata was one example) kind of put me off a little. Any opinions related to this?

I'd say it's for all ages. It's like playing a Miyazaki movie. It's definitely very whimsical and at times purposely odd and silly (as are some scenes in Mayazaki's movies) but overall, it's a really great game. The gameplay is just stellar.

Also, don't let the looks keep you from playing Eternal Sonata. It turns pretty heavy and philosophical later on and it has a pretty cool last chapter. It's one of my favorite JRPGs this gen. I see where you're coming from though; that anime-esque stuff like anything from Compile Heart has been a bit too much for me as well.
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User Info: NumberXI

4 years ago#16
22 and loving it. I didnt even think of it being "childish" until a few people on here mentioned it. I didnt even know people were still insecure about what they play in this day and age.

User Info: stekim40

4 years ago#17
I'm 50, well 51 in 2 months and I'm loving the game, its really charming and so easy to become utterly engrossed in.
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User Info: guimond777

4 years ago#18
I'm 30, and my daughter looked at me and asked me if this was a "kiddy game" >_> I felt very old when she told me that. But I dont care, I enjoy it :D

User Info: GrutNL

4 years ago#19
I'm 25 and I really like the game gameplay wise, but I do think it is way too childish.
Everything looks so sweet and not as a real threat and this bugs me a bit.
I will finish the game because the gameplay is very strong and really suits me.
I just think it would be better to have characters where actually adults and that not every animal looks like a stuffed one (like a teddybear). With that they could have done more storywise and it would make the whole ''save the world theme'' more believable...

User Info: daevaslayer

4 years ago#20
Don't let something like age stop you from enjoying something. This is the most fun I've had with a game in quite some time.
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