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User Info: RiefRyuuda

4 years ago#1
Since i'm making a german wiki for this Game, i need Images, especially Artworks for Characters, Familiars and well... everything.
I found some, but i'm far from having all (or at least, a great amount so that "only" some minor ones are missing).
Does anyone know where i could get them?
And is there a possibility to get Images (like the Cardimages that show up when giving a Nickname to a familiar) from the Gamedisc?

User Info: Paulkotsu

4 years ago#2
why german?
"Cemith's dick is a tyrant"

User Info: RiefRyuuda

4 years ago#3
Because i am german.

User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#4
Guess that answers that. lol

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