You know you have played too much NNK when??

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  3. You know you have played too much NNK when??

User Info: mitch4581

4 years ago#1
You stop lifting weights and start eating chocolate to get stronger.
If I'm Wrong then why do I agree with it.... gt-Filthy p3ngu1n.

User Info: SriVastra

4 years ago#2
Lawl. No kidding. I'm half expecting the sequel to feature a caffeine freak Oliver who does nothing but drink coffee all day and an overweight Mitey who go on a quest to save his foot from diabetes.

User Info: Loss4Words

4 years ago#3
I am the end and the beginning; I am the hand of madness.
So says Mr. Stewart

User Info: najzere

4 years ago#4
How long has this game been out? Didn't expect to start seeing threads like this for a couple weeks yet.

User Info: hukoten

4 years ago#5
its been a couple weeks XD

and ya, this game teaches the complete opposite of any sort of proper eating habits.

User Info: statikcat

4 years ago#6
When Dead Space 3 comes out and you still have not finished the game.. lol

User Info: Philip7086

4 years ago#7
You find yourself humming the world map theme in your car instead of listening to music.
I'm just jealous cause you're young and in love.

User Info: coydog_30

4 years ago#8
When you give your pet cat an eyepatch and try and send him to battle other animals/trees/inanimate objects.
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User Info: Trickster242

4 years ago#9
You accidentally call a banana as a "babana".

User Info: shaunofthedead3

4 years ago#10
You get upset hang your head and say knickers!!
The mind twist and bends to deal with the horrors of everyday life...sometimes it just snaps!
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  3. You know you have played too much NNK when??

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