Favorite Character?

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User Info: KainDjinn

4 years ago#11
Everybody's going to choose Drippy, en't it?
It was much higher priority for them to make pokemon out of an ice cream cone and a bag of trash. - Number43
GT: Kain Djinn PSN: mlsterben 3DS: 2793-0922-1840

User Info: Meteorites

4 years ago#12
Meteorites posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

The mods are clearly trolling me. There is no ToS. The mods just mod whoever they don't agree with.

User Info: B2thelastoise

4 years ago#13
Cassiopeia :3
(message deleted)

User Info: DaRq_MiNoS

4 years ago#15
Yeah, I think Drippy would get 100% of the vote if he was on there.

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