Are you watching this Square Enix?

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User Info: freddyvsjason

4 years ago#21
I'm pretty sure if this game was called final fantasy and had the square enix marketing behind it, it would have sold at least a million copies already!

User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#22
Pffrbt posted...
At least Lightning returns.

Which is good since she is the only character they actually gave any depth to in FF13.

I didn't even buy 13-2. I didn't even finish the demo and with the way the story went. It just looked like something SE pinched out during a bathroom break.

User Info: Lucytenshi

4 years ago#23
LLelouch posted...
Square doesn't listen to their fanbase, and they probably never will.

This is so true,.. I was on the original FF XIV Beta one of the first people on it and I remember us all SPAMMING the forums with the massive problems the game had for months!

The Official Beta forums they were "Supposed" to be taking feedback from and NONE of it got fixed they never listened to anything.

Also played FFXI for 6 years and found that they never helped or cared about their players either

I have every FF game since 6 but now today I have lost all trust in SE as a company :(
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User Info: Damien94

4 years ago#24
I really don't get everyone's problem with FFXIII. The main complaint I hear is "linear". But the issue with that is that the game was no more linear than it's predecessors. It was just more obvious since the "world map" was essentially zoomed in. In previous games you could travel around the map, but it didn't do you any good except for random encounters. You still couldn't continue the story unless you went to a specific place, and you were locked out of places you weren't supposed to go yet.

It's just a special set of blinders/rose-tinted glasses brought to light by making it over-the-shoulder instead of top-down.
Contrary to popular belief, opinions can be, and often are, wrong.

User Info: kyton007

4 years ago#25
SilentProtag posted...
No offense but I don't think Ni no Kuni is superior to FF or Square Enix RPGs in general. and I'm not even a fanboy. XIII-2 is way better than Ni no Kuni in my opinion

LoL :D

User Info: dudeitscool

4 years ago#26
I want a FFX style FF game. That was my favorite in the series. After that well.......
Looking at the big picture is easier on the eyes...

User Info: xdividebyzerox

4 years ago#27
No, they are too busy doing the following instead of watching Level-5 make a superior game:

- Making pointless Lightning spin offs.
- Making cheap, stupid cash-ins like All Your Money. (A significant black mark on their career, say what you will about FF13)
- Not localizing Type-0 and Bravely Default, and instead giving the west the aforementioned points.
- Not focusing their development on Versus and FFXHD, games the fans WANT, but instead making Lightning games.

Square Enix as a developer can go to hell right now, for all I care. Until they get their act together, I got other better RPG developers like Monolith and Level-5 in the meantime.
Currently playing: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

User Info: MidianGTX

4 years ago#28
LLelouch posted...
Aceviper posted...
Thanatos2k posted...
"Story sucked in 13? People complained it was confusing the way we told it, and aimless? Well this time we'll make a story that is completely nonsensical! That'll show those idiots who buy our games."

and thats why S-E is so successful

It knows just how to cater to their fans

I wouldn't call it catering, but rather people are just mindless drones getting their next FF fix. It's like a drug to them.

Unless you believe fans wanted a sequel of FF13... dear god.

I respect people who admit they enjoy something far more than those who kick and scream when they don't. Anti-XIII are the biggest kickers and screamers RPGs have had in years, matched only by the ME3 ending crowd. For that reason, I like FFXIII.
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User Info: Cobra1010

4 years ago#29
As a FF fan, i hope SE never learns. FF needs to die unless they employ different people for the series. I'd rather have FF die while it still has some dignity than have it die a slow painful death.
Playing: Nothing, maybe a bit of LoL. Am I getting old or are games this gen just mediocre?
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User Info: uekijustice

4 years ago#30
I was pretty hyped for FFXIII and thought it'd have all of the traditional RPG elements along with some innovation. Although the game wasn't anything what I was expecting, I kept telling myself that I enjoyed it and shot down anyone who had shown any negativity towards it. I bought the expensive collector's edition, watched the trailers countless of times and when I finally played the game, instead of seeing the game for what it was, I forced myself to like it. I just had to! All that money spent on the CE and all that hype... I just couldn't accept it! I WAS IN DENIAL!

Anyways, XIII did have some good points; loved the battle system, visuals, soundtrack and how you don't have to use potions after every battle. However, everything I loved about the previous FF games were gone. Remember SE's pathetic excuse that they didn't include towns in XIII because it was too hard? Yeah right! Now they're promoting that Lightning Returns has RPG-ish shops where you can enter and purchase stuff as if it's the fudging second coming. It's taken them three games just to make shops, huh...

I love Ni no Kuni. It has everything I've wanted and was expecting in FFXIII.
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