Are you watching this Square Enix?

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User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#31
At least there's FFD. But, of course, nobody plays iOS games. Shame, that.
Is this...a declaration of independence?

User Info: Tiael

4 years ago#32
Or Bravely Default, Type-0.
Shame Type-0 won't release here, but I think we'll see BDFF later this year.
Playing: Ni no Kuni - Captain Whamtastic
Dragon Quest>Ys>SMT>Tales>Final Fantasy, but I enjoy all five. Da Bears!

User Info: Torvar72

4 years ago#33
I see people trying to compare Ni no Kuni to FF. Those people are on crack if there should be a comparison with this game it should be with Dragon Quest VIII. The last good game Square Enix put wasn't even a RPG it was Sleeping Dogs. So Square needs to go back and give us a HD remake of VII or the Kingdom Hearts games

User Info: TCrinaleT

4 years ago#34
SilentProtag posted...
XIII-2 is way better than Ni no Kuni in my opinion


User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#35
Damien94 posted...
I really don't get everyone's problem with FFXIII. The main complaint I hear is "linear". But the issue with that is that the game was no more linear than it's predecessors. It was just more obvious since the "world map" was essentially zoomed in. In previous games you could travel around the map, but it didn't do you any good except for random encounters. You still couldn't continue the story unless you went to a specific place, and you were locked out of places you weren't supposed to go yet.

It's just a special set of blinders/rose-tinted glasses brought to light by making it over-the-shoulder instead of top-down.

See, and this is why I know people that defend 13 don't know what they are talking about. When people say linear, they don't just mean you're running through hallways. Final Fantasy 13 is linear in every sense of the word. Party members? **** it, you can't choose them until Chapter 10, and even then, the game crams Lightning into the until Chapter 11. Before that point, you can never choose party members at all because of "the story," A story so poorly crafted that I'd wager that no one even bothered to edit anything from it. If a story is going to dictate gameplay so much it better be good. 13's isn't. It's a complete mess. Anything that could be good is so poorly communicated that it becomes moot about the ideas behind the progression.

Level progression? It's idiotic. I'm given a limited arsenal of skills, and I literally have no real choices for how I'm going to evolve my characters. I may as well not even be given the choice considering how linear the progression is. Is there any reason to not have a straight up level system? There's innovation, and then there's a waste of time. Final Fantasy 13 hits that level. Even worse, is that it tries to vary the characters by having them have ****tier movesets. Lightning's medic class for instance is pretty much garbage and yet it's supposed to be one of her "main" skillsets. Did they even playtest this game? How could they think that this was a strong paradigm for her?

Weapon upgrading system? It's pathetic. Not only can you barely use it over the course of the game without massive grinding, but it's not even intuitive. You have no idea what items you should be using on what, and there's not really any hints available. Trial and error is the only real way. Even worse, is that the weapons have arbitrary level caps, so it's possible to continue upgrading a really terrible weapon. Yay. I'd rather just have the system of going to a new place and buying new weapons. It's simpler and less of a time sink.

The only other Final Fantasy games that actually rip control from you like this for party control is 4 and 9. It sucked in those. It's obviously going to suck in FF13. I could go on and on about the faults of FF13. It's hardly nostalgia. People need to stop saying that BS every time someone doesn't worship the newest entry in a series.

User Info: Brimuslabus

4 years ago#36
Really? SQEX doesn't listen to its fans? That's a laugh. They took all of the criticism they received from Final Fantasy XIII and tried to implement all of it into XIII-2. Then people complained that Lightning wasn't the main character and that the story didn't have a true ending, so they decided to create one final chapter of "Lightning's Saga", where she's the main character and the story will finally end on a happier note.

They even listened to all of the negative feedback they received when Final Fantasy XIV was released and spent millions of dollars remaking it into A Realm Reborn, based on the wants and needs of the fans while letting its original version be free to play for two years.

So, really, they don't listen to the fans? Versus XIII is taking so long because Nomura is specifically trying to best every other RPG out there by implementing every element of gameplay that the fans want (world map, airship, magitek, massive city exploration, etc.) and even demand.

Ni No Kuni is only interesting to me because Studio Ghibli had a hand in its development, but aside from that, it looks like baby's first RPG. Give me a break.

User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#37
DDR Midian posted...
LLelouch posted...
Aceviper posted...
Thanatos2k posted...
"Story sucked in 13? People complained it was confusing the way we told it, and aimless? Well this time we'll make a story that is completely nonsensical! That'll show those idiots who buy our games."

and thats why S-E is so successful

It knows just how to cater to their fans

I wouldn't call it catering, but rather people are just mindless drones getting their next FF fix. It's like a drug to them.

Unless you believe fans wanted a sequel of FF13... dear god.

I respect people who admit they enjoy something far more than those who kick and scream when they don't. Anti-XIII are the biggest kickers and screamers RPGs have had in years, matched only by the ME3 ending crowd. For that reason, I like FFXIII.

You enjoying FFXIII is fine. Having flimsy reasoning like that is pretty pitiful honestly.

User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#38
Not a big fan of 13 but the not choosing party members is silly. The first 5 you never get to choose and 4 has a large cast. 2 has a rotating 4th member 1 you choose at the beginning but they are silent protagonists. 3 job system but same 4 whole game. 5 4 people till 1 dies then you get grandpappy. Not really complaining I like all of those save 1 more than 13. however in 13 you have more control over your party than the first 5.
I just wanted some towns and some moogles, a world map i'd live he did okay with x siequests would have been a bonus. The towns and moogles bugged me most I really hope 15 is better if I'm not mistaken it's the director from ff12

User Info: Brimuslabus

4 years ago#39
Mooogleman posted...
The towns and moogles bugged me most I really hope 15 is better if I'm not mistaken it's the director from ff12

It's never been confirmed to be Hiroyuki Ito. I'm sure it's in development but nothing has been announced yet.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#40
kupo1705 posted...
I don't think the next FF should be traditional like NNK.
One of the main draws of FF is that you're always getting something different.
Though unfortunately that sometimes leads to games like FFXIII.
I hope it'll be like FFXII, but with many improvements.

I hope the next FF is hardcore traditional - it's about time for a IX-esque "getting back to our roots" game to redeem the series. Hopefully it's what Ito is working on.
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