This might be the best JRPG this console gen.

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  3. This might be the best JRPG this console gen.

User Info: ej1041

4 years ago#1
IMHO hand down the best maybe top 3 in all JRPGs. Music, gameplay, and story is all awesome. As stated only my opinion. What's your take?

User Info: SupahJem

4 years ago#2
Hard for me to put it above Vesperia. I like Vesperia's darker vibe, and my friends and I play through every Tales game together that is newer (Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia) love the MP aspects of the Tales games.

Also the lack of difficulty in this game is noticeable to me. I like to be challenged in my games without me having to gimp myself to do so.

Really good JRPG? Yep.
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User Info: tsukia8

4 years ago#3
IMHO its Lost Odyssey. Followed by Tales.

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#4
It's true, although on handhelds there's Dragon Quest IX.

User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#5
For me Disgaea, Tales, LO, Xeno and Valkyria Chronicles stll comes first.
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User Info: ArcadianGenesis

4 years ago#6
Definitely yes. It's the best RPG since DQ8.
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User Info: jackstar_rock

4 years ago#7
Kind of prefer Tales. And I'm currently charmed by Dark Souls. Don't get me wrong, I like NnK. But some of that infatuation is rubbing off by now... ^^;

User Info: Snadados

4 years ago#8
Not that high praise, really. JRPGs have been fairly weak this generation compared to past generations
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  3. This might be the best JRPG this console gen.

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