Why world maps deserve their place in RPG.

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User Info: FishermanFriend

4 years ago#31
Leanaunfurled posted...
From: shadowsfm | #027
saying the battles aren't turn based in this game is like saying final fantasy 4 and up aren't turn based

That's..a really dumb statement, tbh. V - XIII have nothing in common with NNK in terms of combat. Those are painfully obviously turn-based systems. NNK doesn't have a turn-based system. There's no gauge to fill, there's no waiting, you move where you want, you can jump over attacks when timed correctly, you can defend last minute, cancel mid-attack to do something else, switch out whenever you want, interrupt enemies, etc.

Or are you another person who thinks individual options having a cooldown = turn based?

lol That would be funny if someone actually thought that. That would make every single mmo ever to exist a turn based battle system


User Info: pusho

4 years ago#32
I agree with TC, I remember in FF IV where you get different ships/airships that let you go farther everytime you get a new one. It was a nice feeling.
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User Info: Tim333

4 years ago#33
Dragon Warrior was the first RPG I ever played. Actually, it was one of the first games I ever played on my good ol' NES. I sure didn't know what an RPG was, but I realized very quickly that this game was special. The biggest reason why was the combined feeling of wonder and tension I felt traversing the world map, knowing that it was a long and dangerous trek between towns. There isn't actually a lot of content in Dragon Quest/Warrior I, but they did a good job of making it feel grand and epic, especially for the time. I never tire of the experience of getting a whole world to explore, full of danger and wondrous discoveries.

Yeah, I've played a couple of good RPGs without a world map, but I'd always rather have one.

Oh, and Skies of Arcadia has the best world map ever. You fly around in a pirate ship literally discovering the world, guys, that's awesome.
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#34
honestly, i cant say "i hate world maps" and mean it... i LOVE FF13... theres no world map... would i like one? hell yeah if it were on Pulse! the AS takes longer to cross on chocobo than the world map in FF7, so it is gianormous.... make a world map even bigger, that could be really cool... but some games have very boring world maps...

actually... id say, ALL FF's have a boring world map... its literally just "follow these mountains/this path to that town, more story, keep going"... the world map is useless... they did a good thing in 13 by taking it out... why make me run across the world map, when its as linear as the rest of the game? the linearity was not a bad thing though, the game had enjoyable combat, and an enjoyable story... the only bonus in FF world maps was when you got the airship/gold chocobo, you could get to a few secrets... why bother? make it a decent length, optional dungeon with tough enemies! not a room with a useful item...

a good example of a world map would be just about any random map from Minecraft... why? you dont know whats around the corner, or over that hill, or in that cave... it could be anything! in every game ive played with a world map... its just empty fields, deserts, and tundras... a cave in the side of the mountain? well, theres nowhere else to go, gotta go through it... you cant explore something that has nothing there... all the things that make it "interesting" are just showing you how far away a place is from somewhere else... but theres nothing to do in it...

im rambling at this point, so to sum it up, world maps can be great... but i havent played a game that used em right...
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User Info: DboyC83

4 years ago#35
Lord Blade posted...

My take on the map issue.

Couldn't agree more with this topic. Good read.
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User Info: luckiest_strike

4 years ago#36
Worldmaps sort of lend a silent cultural aspect within the games they are in.

I sometimes like to look at the map and the cultures of each town based on geography.
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User Info: Foofyhead

4 years ago#37
It really depends on how many random encounters there are, and how fast your character moves. Even this game (with enemies on the map) can be quite annoying. But, Ollie moves fast enough for it to be acceptable. Plus, there's crap to find, and bounties to hunt.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#38
Dark Souls doesn't have a map.

Subtract points.

I dare you.
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User Info: ajmrowland1

4 years ago#39
naaros posted...
I love world maps in JRPGs, but I don't feel like it's required or even count it as a penalty if they don't have one.

One recent example would be Xenoblade - with the way that game is structured and the setting, a world map really wouldn't work all that well imo. So the way they did it - huge areas to explore - with no world map was perfect.

same with Kingdom Hearts. The world maps there are only meant to function as pathways to the next big areas. And those are worlds themselves.

In NNK, it's towns and temples, so naturally a world map was needed here.

User Info: AceJay

4 years ago#40
Meh i like how world maps are changing now instead of overhead its over shoulder 3rd person. I wanna see the world in characters point of view. Like how zelda changed from overhead to 3rd person.
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