Where to find jade marbles?

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User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#1
Anyone know? Help please :(
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User Info: 420Fatal

4 years ago#2
island east of hamlin
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#3
The peak of the cliff on that one island east of Hamelin.
Probably other places too, but you can definitely find 1-2 there per trip.

User Info: Ocyd

4 years ago#4
There are 3 harvest points but you need to be able to fly to get to any of them. One on a cliff by the trials it's on the right hand side of the path as you walk towards the building. A second is on the coast, south of the skull cave on the other side of the mountain drige west of the fogdrop location. The third is on the island called the spindle in the north east corner of the map

User Info: Eternal_Dream21

4 years ago#5
Take note that you need to fly to be able to reach the gathering points.

User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#6
Thx guys you rock!
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User Info: Thanatos2k

4 years ago#7
West of Ding Dong Dell on the steppes over there.

User Info: DivineKakarot

4 years ago#8
Also found just outside Temple of trials, on the cliff.

Basically walk south from entrance of Temple of Trials and its on the ledge, need to fly to get there.
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User Info: Secret Asian Man

Secret Asian Man
4 years ago#9
The Pike familiar on the island of Spindle drops Jade Marbles and can also be stolen from. You can get there by ship.

The Lickety Spitoo on same island drops Iron Diamonds and can also be stolen.
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User Info: Chaos_915

4 years ago#10
The Pike Tykes on the Spindle drop them with a 4% chance, and an 18% chance to steal them from it. You can also steal some iron diamonds from Lickety-Spitoo while your there.

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