game does not deserve higher than an 8.

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  3. game does not deserve higher than an 8.

User Info: adibicci

4 years ago#51
raziellich posted...
The only incident with the targeting system I've found is that when an enemy becomes confused, it automatically switches you off of them. Beyond that, I have encountered nothing like what you're describing.

I also find it odd that you'd compare this to any sort of western rpg. They're not even the same genre. We should expect different things from games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls then we do something like Ni no Kuni.

As for the ratings, I suppose that's just how it goes. Different aspects of the game have different levels of importance to different people. I couldn't care less about mouths not moving when a character is speaking if that line isn't voiced. Though if it were voiced that would likely drive me nuts. I found the ability interruption mechanic to be interesting. Yes, there were some frustrating moments to be sure, but it worked as a whole I thought. I loved stopping a magimech from casting twinkle twinkle for example.

While there are certainly flaws, there was nothing that frustrated me or dampened my enjoyment in any way. I'd say the game charmed me in a way few games do. I think it's perfectly fine that you don't like the game, and even that you are seemingly upset that it is getting so much attention while other games don't. However, as far as I'm concerned, this is simply one of the best examples of JRPGs you can get.

wrpg, jrpg. same genre , different sub genre? who cares. the point i was making in comparison between them was more about people giving games free passes on quality level when it suits their interest, not gameplay mechanics. anyways that really was not the point of the post.

i never mentioned i did not like the game. i do not put 60+ hours into things i do not like. 8/10(in my opinion) is fantastic in the mediocrity that are most games. i was just sharing my opinion as are you. and i am not sure i mentioned any game that i wish was getting more attention anywhere here. again that would be off topic and i am not sure i tried to derail my own thread. perhaps i did though, or came across that way with something i said.

the confusion thing you mentioned i would consider a boon as the confused mob would attack its friends. thanks for your thoughts!

User Info: chibistevo

4 years ago#52
I have also noticed targeting issues.

I say issues, it's really not all that big of a deal. This happened practically every move I made on the Gobspeed bounty hunt and a few others.

The points about AI are totally valid, however, and I'm not just talking about mana usage. Swaine is an absolute waste of a player, because most of the time his familiars will just stand there, maybe attack every 10 seconds. Esther seems to think manually attacking with her 1 damage caster is a brilliant idea as well -- this, from a well known mana waster ! ( she had full mp, btw )

I've also grown less and less fond of the familiar system. The whole morphing thing just doesn't work for the majority of the game. It becomes a complete chore to see familiars constantly chasing Mitey. And with the lack of skills and customization, and luck based skill gains, I think they missed the mark by a lot in the games RPG elements.

User Info: JoeBuck80

4 years ago#53
I have my own grievances with this game, of which, miraculously, were only touched on by one of your complaints.

But anyway, overall it is a "good" game that will indeed fade with time.
--Enjoy THE SHOW--

User Info: GeistT4

4 years ago#54
nah man sorry you think it needs an 8 (lol dont know why i care, 8 is still good.) but this game is a 10 to me, all it needs are secret bosses and a good post game dungeon (i kinda worked out the absence of the latter) and it'd be perfect for me at least.

if people think the game is the greatest thing since the invention of cheese, then leave them to it, folks who try to disillusion other people are low.
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User Info: Theofratos

4 years ago#55
zeik56 posted...
Why do you get to decide what other people rate it? Everyone enjoys games for their own reasons.

Hes got the right of it
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