it is my first role-playing game

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User Info: MyzticRedPanda

4 years ago#11
The Last Remnant wow I put a lot of hours into it as well. Once you understand the battle system and all the game has to offer it becomes a blast. Had a lot of fun with that game. In fact, I remember returning the game once because I couldn't put up with it...I bought the game back like 6 months later and just loved it.

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User Info: thatsbrutal

4 years ago#12
Lord Blade posted...
I agreed with almost everything on this list. I would certainly steer clear of The Last Remnant though.

I've put an ungodly amount of hours into Last Remnant. I think it's a kickass JRPG. It's got a great battle system, an interesting level mechanic, and an amazing story.

I wanted so badly to enjoy that game. I remember watching trailers for it, and counting down the days until it was released. I bought it on release day, and just couldn't get into it. I enjoyed that they tried something slightly different with it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it though.
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#13
The Last Remnant was, conceptually, very interesting, but the execution, at least on the 360 version, was severely flawed.
Always have a fondness for games with the potential to rise above the norm, even if they end up failing miserably and effectively sinking well below the line.
TLR could have been something great, but it's hard to hail it as a great rpg, despite still having enjoyed it a fair bit more than what seems to be the common perception of that game(i.e., overwhelmingly negative).

...what was this topic about again?
......Ohhh~right. Yeah. This would be an ideal first rpg imo.
It's very simplistic, and beginner-friendly in most every regard.

User Info: NoctisEternal

4 years ago#14
Hodou posted...
NoctisEternal posted...
It's a great first role playing game. I play a lot of RPGs, especially JRPGs, and I loved it. Just beat the game, and about to start post-game content.

The only thing that really annoyed me was quest redundancy. You get this in a lot of RPGs nowadays though, as they are looking to 'extend' the game.

Yeah because you get people whining about it forever. "20 HOURS MAIN STORY PREORDER CANCELED" and all that.

There are a number of excellent short games. I would say there are many games that would be ruined by being any longer than they are, like Dishonored, or Portal, or...

(struggles to find JRPG examples)

...Devil Survivor, or... well Mother 3 was kinda short-ish right?

I'm not full of crap I swear.

I mean hell look at threads like this.

I'm not trying to defend XIII-2 here at all, because i hated it too, but 50 hours is RIDICULOUSLY LONG for most games. And at one point some guy defines "(satisfactorily) hard" as "on par with SMT:Nocturne" and I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind. Just because you've made a habit out of grinding for ten years every time you hit a new area and you've gotten good at JRPGs after playing billions of them doesn't make them "too easy." It makes you jaded. Very, very jaded.

Agreed. It is a rush to be the first to beat a game sometimes. I think that trophy and gamerscore mechanics have somewhat exaggerated the effect. When you platinum something you are done with it right? Forever? No Reason to ever play it again?

I remember wasting DAYS playing my favorite RPGs as a kid, even after I had beaten the main story... sometimes more than once. I played because I felt connections to the characters, enjoyed challenging myself, perfecting game mechanics, ect. I didn't need some digital unlock, or a rise in gamer points. I did it just to do it.

As an older gamer now, I STILL go back and play my favorites occasionally. I am working on perfect saves for a multitude of FF games, and various other ones. I guess that kind of like my platinum trophy for those games... but anyway.

I think of it like this. People play games for enjoyment and entertainment. Whether you like the characters, story, ect or you like the instant gratification of a trophy unlock. There will always people on both sides of the spectrum. Gamers trophy hunting alone miss out on the nuance of most games, ESPECIALLY role playing games... So in the end, it is their loss. ^^;
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