Making Medicine

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User Info: Shazow3987

4 years ago#1
I went to the forest and talk to the lady... I have the carrot cake and did the quest " A sister's savior" and this medicine quest still doesn't trigger.. What's the deal?
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User Info: Horrorgeek

4 years ago#2
Exact same problem here. The person for the quest isn't there... frustrating.
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User Info: Shazow3987

4 years ago#3
Strange... Anyone else have this problem? =/
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User Info: Mundolf

4 years ago#4
I have the exact same problem as well
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User Info: Karsticles

4 years ago#5
I had no problem with it.
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User Info: toomanymouths

4 years ago#6
I really have no idea. It worked out just fine for me. Out of curiosity, when did you give her the carrot cake? I did it as soon as I was asked to *small spoiler* chase the sky pirates.

User Info: Horrorgeek

4 years ago#7
Oh, I bet I figured it out -- you can't do it in Hamelin's past, can you? I'm guessing that's it.
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