Should I get this game?

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User Info: OUC_Lunarian

4 years ago#1
I know its been out for a while, and the closest thing I got to even hear this game was game informer some issues back, since at the time I didn't have internet but a collaboration with studio ghibli got me hyped since studio ghibli is pretty amazing, mmm is it a must buy?

User Info: Tron-Burgundy

4 years ago#2

It's pretty entertaining.
NagiTsunami posted...
Tron was the best MGO1 player...

User Info: shamon85

4 years ago#3
yes i brought it yesterday and is having a pretty good time with it .well worth the time .

User Info: OUC_Lunarian

4 years ago#4
then I guess ill get it, soon as my next pay check comes in, thanks

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