Tips to avoid grinding?

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User Info: GoGoRoBo

4 years ago#1
I'm only a few hours into the game but wanted to find out if grinding is necessary in this game to defeat later bosses or optional bounties. Not really a fan of farming and grinding style gameplay of JRPG so any tips to avoid this or should I be fine just playing through the game normally.

Also any tips on how to make my familiars as strong and efficient as possible (gear, what food or presents to give them, etc)


User Info: coydog_30

4 years ago#2
Stay away for Ugly Duckling Isle to avoid overleveling.

For familiars, I'd just level them up until they earned their final move, then evolve them. If you know you'll use them til the end you may want to max out their level. Keep them equipped with the latest equipment and you shouldn't really need to grind any at all.
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User Info: monstre

4 years ago#3
The game pretty much force you to farm to obtain new familiar, so if you really want to avoid it, save before fighting the familiar and then reload if you don't get it.
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User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#4
Funnily both the response ended up asking you to grind.

To avoid grinding, just get good at switching between party members.
Don't run from fights, don't go out of way to pick either. Will keep you right level, but still will have some tough boss fights.
Buy best weapons whenever you can.
Look up a guide for hidden treasures, they mostly have better weapons for free.
Try to catch every familiar whenever you can.
Find out which ones you need for sidequests, try to fight them instead of ones you don't want.

Most importantly, go to Ugly Duck Island and fight Tokos. They will give you more experience than some of bosses. One toko = 7-8 mob fights. So, that saves time and helps you level up.

Being OP is best way to avoid grinding tough grinding is best way to be OP. If you have Griffy, use it, pretty OP early on.
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User Info: coydog_30

4 years ago#5
I wasn't telling him to grind, at least that wasn't what i meant. When I said llevel them until they learned their last move, I meant instead of taking them to max. He was asking how to make his team stronger and letting them learn all their moves without wasting extra experience on levels that can go on their next teir is a good way of getting stronger.
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User Info: monstre

4 years ago#6
Funnily enough you also told him to grind >.>

NNK is unique in JRPG because it's one of the very very few were grinding is almost mandatory because of the way the catching mechanic work, almost every JRPG can be completed fully with minimal grind involve and grinding is just a possibility for player who are having trouble clearing boss.
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User Info: paradisegamer

4 years ago#7
Easiest way is to not do capture side quests. Save them for later. Do the rest.
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User Info: GoGoRoBo

4 years ago#8
Thanks for the advice so far people, much appreciated.

User Info: Taichi556

4 years ago#9
Best way to avoid grinding? Um.. Don't grind? I really don't understand why players who want to 'challenge' themselves ask for people to give them roadmaps for their challenge run.. If you really want to challenge yourself figure it all out on your own, I really can't find any respect for players who 'challenged' themselves by just following what another player told them to do.
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User Info: roughdraft11220

4 years ago#10
I wish there was an option to have EXP from fights turn to something else, like money or something. It was way too hard not to overlevel from farming certain familiars in this game.
Diminished return of EXP from enemies who run from you would've been good too.

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