Wizard companion bug

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User Info: moskow23

4 years ago#1
I'm about 35 hours in, and all of a sudden I can't open the wizard's companion. I can see the pages for a split second before the book automatically closes. Does anyone else have this bug?

User Info: NoMercy23

4 years ago#2
I had this bug, and luckily I noticed this when I was in the first kingdom in the other world (with King Tom, the cat king) so I ended up deleting my save file.

I wish I knew what causes this bug, and I hope in further playthroughs it isn't a prevalent issue. What I've read is that even if you delete and re-install the game [with the PSN version], your saved data will still have the bug intact.

User Info: Chronospherics

4 years ago#3
I have this bug. It sucks.

Do I need the wizards companion for anything? I'm only 5hours in but do not want to restart. The first 3 hours of this game are very slow-going.

User Info: Nogaham

4 years ago#4
For some sidequest stuff you need to look up some things in the companion. It also has some useful information on alchemy and items.

But that's all stuff you could easily look up on the net as well. It's just not as much fun that way.

User Info: Orson1984

4 years ago#5
There are quests that ask you to read something in the book decipher it with the Nazacaan ABC's, then input answer here.

I would say restart game then every time you hear some one talk. Press start a option to continue or skip scene will appear keep skipping until you get to the point you were at.
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User Info: moskow23

4 years ago#6
actually, when i reloaded my game, the bug went away

User Info: NoMercy23

4 years ago#7
Are you using the PSN version or the game disc moskow23?

I just started a new save on my end with the PSN version, did everything up until Ding Dong Dell and went up and saved, and lo and behold I still had the Wizard Companion bug. I guess I might have to delete my game data and reinstall just to see if the bug is still existent...

And tbqh, on my first playthrough the Wizard's Companion was working when I sifted through it when you first receive it at Motorville. I just wish there were less headaches involving this one bug. lol

User Info: joachim005

4 years ago#8
That's where my real book comes in. No need for the digital version, lol

User Info: NoMercy23

4 years ago#9
Tell me about it joachim005. I might have to shell out some money for the Wizard Companion / "Magic Master" book if this glitch keeps popping up. Unless there's a patch expected to fix this and the whole slew of other glitches this game has had, my hopes are dimming.

I'm kind of curious if the Japanese version had this many glitches. lol

User Info: NoMercy23

4 years ago#10
Okay, after some playing around with loading/reloading the game data and reloading my save file, I can confirm that the bug is temporary and not permanent. However, it's a pretty tenacious bug that I hope gets patched pretty soon, since about 9 times out of 10 I couldn't get the Wizard Companion option in the menu to load at all. And this is the PSN version I'm playing on.

I'm not sure how the disc version performs, but there's obviously some glitchy/poor boot code that's used to load up the in-game Wizard Companion in game.

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