Never seen a Ghibli film before playing this game, then saw 7 of them in 2 days.

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  3. Never seen a Ghibli film before playing this game, then saw 7 of them in 2 days.

User Info: SpaceCadetGlow7

4 years ago#1

And I loved every single one so far. If anyone here loved this game and still hasn't seen those movies, you really have to check them out, they are on par or even surpass the Disney classics and are definitely some of the best films I've ever seen.

I bought the game after hearing about the reviews and watching some gameplay on youtube and I've rarely been this satisfied with paying full price for a game. I'll admit it had a few not-so-great moments and the ending wasn't too spectacular, but I had tons of fun playing it and I haven't been so drawn into a story since FFX or Lost Odyssey.

Being sick and snowed-in the past few days, I went on a Studio Ghibli movie marathon and I have to say these movies are renewing my lost interest in anime. So far I've watched:

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle

With Nausicaa and Howl's Moving Castle being my favorites so far.

I was never much of a true anime buff, but I think I might have to get into it more now...

The only anime shows I've liked so far are:

Pokemon (season 1 and 2)
Full Metal Alchemist (+ one of the movies)
Ghost in the Shell (both seasons and all movies)
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Fooly Cooly (FLCL)

I prefer English dubbed stuff, as long as it's done pretty well. I've seen but am not really a fan of Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, One Piece, or Death Note. (I feel like I have to put this there to avoid some flaming: Seriously, no offence to those who enjoy those shows and prefer the subbed versions of shows.)

I plan to watch a few more Ghibli films (so far only watching ones written by Miyazaki).

If you have any anime recommendations, please post them and I'll try to check them out.

User Info: ozran

4 years ago#2
Outlaw Star, Akira, Samurai 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Castle in the Sky (another Ghibli film), Gurren Lagann, Whisper of the Heart (another Ghibli movie), The Big O, The Big O II and Ghost in the Shell

All great shows and movies worth checking out
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User Info: SpaceCadetGlow7

4 years ago#3
Thanks! I was already downloading Whisper of the Heart. (lol) A few of those I've seen but I'll definitely check out the rest of those soon. :D

User Info: ineedsearch

4 years ago#4
Monster..dont forget Monster

User Info: rapacioushobo

4 years ago#5
Secret life of Ariety deserves a viewing as well.
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User Info: EmiHinata

4 years ago#6
Arietty is also excellent, and Porco Rosso is as well. I haven't seen all the Ghibli films, but I think the one I've liked least is Ponyo, just because the conclusion's incredibly anticlimactic.
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User Info: MyzticRedPanda

4 years ago#7
Elfen Lied
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User Info: link_15

4 years ago#8
Don't forget to watch The Cat Returns!
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User Info: Nemesis347

4 years ago#9
I want to watch Princess Mononoke but I'vebeen toldcountless times that it's nowhere near as good as Howl's moving castle which I hated.
Totoro is awesome though.

User Info: Golem345

4 years ago#10
Princess Mononoke is one of his best films in my opinion even better than Howls moving castle, the only one of his (Hayao Miyazaki's) that I've seem that has dismemberment in it. I love that movie. Castle in the Sky is also a good one.
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  3. Never seen a Ghibli film before playing this game, then saw 7 of them in 2 days.

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