Been enjoying the game so far, but...

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  3. Been enjoying the game so far, but...

User Info: ArsenicSteel

4 years ago#11
wizaerd posted...

I understand the purpose of the screen, as I said I've played a whole lot of RPGs over the years, but it doesn't have to be so slow. It doesn't have to show one thing, animate it, then show another and animate it (such as counting up, etc...). Just popup the screen, for a single press of X instead of having to press it 4 or 5 times just to get done. There is no option for that, when there should be.

But it does and just doing a popup of everything would be lazy/boring design on the part of the programmers. The fanfare of the rolling numbers, the suspense of seeing what you might have gotten, and all the beeping, bopping is a well thought out part of that screen.

Just because that's how it's always been done that way is not an excuse to leave it. Once or twice is fine, but when you hop from one battle to the next, you spend more time pressing X or waiting for that result screen to finish it fancy presentation than you do actually battling or playing.

It's not an excuse to leave it. What I've explained is that the implementation was done with purpose and forethought. Not having the speed you so desire is not a problem in this game's execution and is just one more reminder of who this game is aimed at.

Accommodations for those that want a faster but not instant screen have been made.
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User Info: d1s293a

4 years ago#12
I'm with the OP - I like RPGs, but this monotonous waiting around in this game is too much.

Several poor design decisions - the waiting, the lack of complexity to battles (run around in circles), etc.
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  3. Been enjoying the game so far, but...

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