Stop saying this game is easy

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User Info: Kreynor

4 years ago#51
ninplayer posted...
This game is only easy for you elitist twits that farm Tokos for fifteen hours and put four Dinos on your team before doing anything. News flash: every jRPG ever can be easy if you abuse the game like this. For normal people this game is very difficult.

Thank you for listening.

Have a nice day.

It can be difficult and I always laugh at people saying is easy when they farm Koto like crazy and have their badass overleveled Dino in their team.
I hate oeverleveling in jrpgs mostly because I like having a challenge, so I do a normal amount of batles, without grinding (this game doesn't even need grinding to begin with, it can just have some difficult spikes here and there).

User Info: SHMYazoo

4 years ago#52
I don't think it can be VERY difficult, but it has some tough moments for the average players. Like you said, though, JRPGs normally aren't hard (few exceptions) and they use to leave the toughest enemies as extra bosses for extra dungeons or quests, not the main story.
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User Info: Pharsti01

4 years ago#53
Well.... uh.... lets agree to disagree shall we?

I say this is one of the easiest rpgs i have ever played, i cant even imagine what the point of power lvling would be in this game >_>

User Info: kanart

4 years ago#54
AI make this game more difficult

User Info: CatalystGuitar18

4 years ago#55
Go play SMT: Nocturne and Vagrant Story and then get back to me on difficult RPGs. Your opinion may change.
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User Info: TCrinaleT

4 years ago#56
I found Dark Souls to be far harder than this game, do you see me making a big fuzz about it? The people that complain about this game being too easy are people that just want to show off.

I always say the same to these people, you want something hard?

GT5, Red Bull challenge, gold in all 3 tracks with a DS. I have played hundreds of games, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3. Literally hundreds, not lying. Absolutely anything doesn't even come close to that challenge.

One does not simply buy this game for a challenge.

User Info: ninplayer

4 years ago#57
red eye dragoon posted...
ninplayer posted...
lol this is too easy the state of gamefaqs i swear to gawd why cant we have the good ol' days back

You haven't been here long enough to know what the good ol' days were

~2007 was a pretty good period for Gamefaqs. But you are correct, I was not around in the OLD old days of the site.

User Info: ninplayer

4 years ago#58
Dirtsift posted...
I don't get it. I thought the point of trolling was to state an opinion that defied landslide popular opinion.

That's how the bad ones do it. What you do is you state an opinion that strongly opposes the general opinion of the board in question. Lots of people find Playstation All-Stars or whatever the heck the game's called to be a bad Smash Bros. clone, but the people on that particular board don't think so. So if you go to that board and make a topic blabbering about how the game is a bad Smash Bros. clone, you really get their panties in a bunch.

User Info: DaRq_MiNoS

4 years ago#59
The game is not very difficult. I didn't even know about Tokos or Dinos until I was nearly finished with the game. The only 2 fights I had difficulty with were the genie and the final boss.

If you do the side quests as you go it's not difficult... and I figure most people would want to do them anyway to enjoy all the game has to offer.

User Info: Facemuncher

4 years ago#60
I think the game is tough in that you need a reasonably solid handle on the battle mechanics and a decently balanced team. I don't think I had either and eventually gave up on a boss with the initials PG (not wanting to spoil anything for those who are yet to fight it). The number of times I was in the middle of a spell when it started to charge its more powerful attacks, then tried and failed to switch back to Oliver and defend, is quite ridiculous.

And I regard myself as an at least average RPG player. I cruised through most of Tales of Graces on Evil, beating the final boss (and most other bosses) on hard, and I managed to conquer Demon's Souls. But Ni No Kuni? I could never quite get to grips with it.
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