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Fog drop

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User Info: Persy_Rivers

4 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

Where's do I get fogdrops?


User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#2
You can snag them in a whole bunch of places, such as:

-The Swan Islands, from a harvest point on the island with Drongo. It's the middle of the 3 islands.

-Jack Frost's Playground, from the southern most Harvest Point. Jack Frost's Playground is the Winter Island the furthest to the SE.

-Giant's Tabletop, the area to the north of Rolling Hills that you can only access via Dragon. I forget exactly which one, but I think it's the one on top of the stone pillar.

-The Barrens, which is the area directly south of Skull Mountain, that you can only access via Dragon.

You can also steal them from Hyperbore on Billy Goat's Bluff - South, the area around Perdida, which you need the dragon to access.

They also drop rarely off of Web Master on The Spindle, which is an island directly west of Autumnia.
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