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Best familiar?

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User Info: Radtech1976

4 years ago#1
I'm just wondering what is the best familiar for capture. I assume that the familiar you get from each character is pretty good but what ones should I be on the look out for. Keep in mind I just got the boat.

User Info: falafalafocus

4 years ago#2

Use Gamefaq's search feature next time.

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#3
I'd have to say that Dinoceros is definitely the most useful, but he kind of ruins the game by depriving you of a challenge in boss fights. I would recommend holding off on getting/using him until post-game, but it's up to you.
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User Info: PFirefly

4 years ago#4
falafalafocus posted...

Use Gamefaq's search feature next time.

At least the tc isn't an ancient or something. Always bugs the hell out of me when people have been using this site for years and act like they don't know about the search feature -_-
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Inception ending spoiler:
The best familiar in the game is OLIVER with the Astra spell, you can dish out 900 to 1,200 damage to all the enemies..
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#6
Dino can manage that kind of damage with War Cry + Bellybuster, which is faster and requires about half the MP cost.
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