This or Dragon's Dogma: DA?

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User Info: Albel_Freak

4 years ago#1
Asking the people that have played both really. I realize they are 2 totally different games and NNK is a slower paced and DD is faster. NNK is more tradional JRPG and DD is a hack and slash. Right now I"m leaning toward NNK, but with the price being at 60, I've never really justified buying a game for that much.

I"m just looking for people's opinions. I've always been the traditional JRPG type, but some of the things I've heard about NNK kind of scare me. Getting taught something 20 times, getting your hand held through the whole game, end-game content. People have logged 150-250 hours in DD and that's a crap ton of time.
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User Info: sergeantjoe

4 years ago#2

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

they are very different games. I would try to enjoy both if you have the money. I guess if this if 60, and you can get DD:DA for 40, go that route, because its cheaper.

Did you download the demo's??? The demo's of DD are like the first section of the game. you can get to level 10, before it stops you.

This has some demos of a few of the fights. But they are boss fights. so they dont really give you that good of a feel, for the hours you spend out in the pastures, just hunting and looking for stuff.

I have played NNK for like 20+ hours. I dont think he (drippy) has told me stuff 20 times. Thats an overstatement. and I think you can turn off help in the menus too. so dont let that bother you.

Both are different games. both are good. Go with the cheapest one you can get. Enjoy.
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User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#4
While I am enjoying this game DD is the better game IMO. I didn't play the dark arisen yet, but even the orginal DD ***I THHOUGHT*** ( as in my opinion) was a better game.

What type of games do you like is the question. I like most RPGs western, japanese, strategy, turnbased etc. so I do enjoy both games.
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User Info: darkwargreymon9

4 years ago#5
If you are willing to spend 60 total, you could get both games for about that much right now.
Dragon's Dogma is about 25+ shipping new on amazon right now. Ni no Kuni is expensive on amazon (about 50) but on ebay it is going from about 40. The total would be about 65 plus shipping costs, if you live in the US it should be minimal. I would personally wait until both games got to the 20 range, as it happens about a year after release. I was able to get both Final Fantasy XIII new for less than 45.

User Info: elij4h

4 years ago#6
Imo the better game is NNK. There's a lot of heart put into it and it just lulls U in and the pokemon-style familiar catching thing makes it kinda addictive...

...but DD is a blast too. The fighting is really intense at times and there's nice loot to go for and some memorable enemys to take on. After all i spent more time with it then with NNK even though it has some flaws regarding story, camera, menus...

But if you want to take the budget route definitely the better choice.

you shouldn't miss out on NNK either way bur might get it when its cheaper some day
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User Info: keepskate99

4 years ago#7
i played both games and for me Ni No Kuni is better in many aspects.

User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#8
Deagon's Dogma by a landslide
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User Info: asdfen09

4 years ago#9
ni no kuni in nutshel an adult game with kids characters story and quest system. battle system leaves a lot to be desired such as friendly character work for the other team and unless you pick certain familiars game tends to be insanely difficult. For me ni no kuni had immensely enjoyable begging and end game/post game 30-40 hours spent in mid game sucked. There are also balancing issues.

dragons dogma is a title with a lot of innovative cool action oriented combat but the game is full of needless frustrations and just feels very rough/beta version like and until the character is over leveled the combat usually involves finding an invulnerability spot and dishing out damage from there which is really boring imo also there is way too much running to and from without teleporting imo

User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#10
Albel_Freak posted...
but with the price being at 60, I've never really justified buying a game for that much.

you've never been able to justify paying full price for a game, no matter how good it is?

...i dont even know of a non-violent way to respond to that.
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