Does this game get better?

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User Info: Mr_Burgener

4 years ago#1
Just met with King Tom so I know I'm very early in the game, but god is it boring so far. I've been playing turn based RPG's since Super Nintendo, so it's not that part that's bothering just seems overly simplistic and childish. I just put 150 hours on Tales of Graces so maybe I'm being a spoiled turd right now.

Should I bother continuing? Does it get more in depth? Or is this game just not for me?

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#2
It doesn't really get much better.

Don't get me wrong, you do get more options and a variety of game play "Shortly", but the basic flow of the game never really changes, and if you're finding it childish and kiddy now, only continues to be so throughout the game.

Frankly though, if you enjoyed ToG F, I can't really understand your complaint about it being childish, since ToG F is almost as bad.
"Cute" in an RPG is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

User Info: Mr_Burgener

4 years ago#3
By childish I just mean...not in depth. So far it seems like "walk to star. talk to person. walk to next star. talk to person. fight monster while walking to next star. talk to person."

In graces there was crafting and a bit more strategy involved in battle it seemed. I can't get into this for some reason, I thought maybe it got a little more intense later (heard there was a bit of capturing familiars or something, or maybe it got better with more party members).

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#4
Like I said, basic flow is pretty much the same. You do get more game play options, like Errands (quests), Catching Familars, Exploration, Alchemy, Stealing items...but the basic flow stays the same throughout.
"Cute" in an RPG is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

User Info: Mr_Burgener

4 years ago#5
I'll give it another hour or two. I want to at least be able to catch familiars and see if that makes it any better for me. That was the part that got me interested in this game in the first place so we'll see.

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#6
It's gonna take more than an hour or two to start unlocking new stuff.
"Cute" in an RPG is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

User Info: MyzticRedPanda

4 years ago#7
shut up and play the game
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all

User Info: FenderMaster

4 years ago#8
Not really.

I'm almost at the end, 54 hours in, done most of the sidequests, and it doesn't really improve.

The story never really develops much at all besides a few moments with Swaine.

The familiars feel largely interchangable in terms of abilities.

The sidequests are CRAZY repetetive... Get ready to take and give hearts to the merchant couple over and over again, find that dudes diary again and again and catch familiars over and over. The writers don't even bother thinking up new reasons, it's just really lazy. And the monster catching mechanics are TERRIBLE. There's no skill, just random chance! You can fight the same monsters for hours, and the enchant prompt won't appear. The randomness is infuriating.

It's a beautiful, beautiful game. I like Drippy, the music, the art style... But the gameplay is lacking, and the story is barely there. It honestly feels a little bit like corners were cut too, Motorville feels empty and the invisible walls feel lazy as a boundary. You can't even move the camera there.

User Info: KingofRogues

4 years ago#9
I am close to finishing and I think it did get better. Or maybe I just got used to reading all that text. But ya, it still is more childish than any RPGs I've played. But the story is good.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

User Info: Daredrummer

4 years ago#10
Well, I logged in here to make a similar thread, but looks like this one will do.

I just got the boat, and I'm at the point where I don't really even want to keep playing. It's weird, at first I was blown away and now I have to talk myself into playing it.

I love RPGs, back to the NES/SNES days too. I love high-quality anime. This game should be totally head-rippingly awesome for me. But it....isn't.

For me right now, there's two main issues. The first is Oliver. Good GOD is he getting on my nerves. Did someone not take the time to point out kids no longer say golly, jeepers, neato or oh my goodness every 5 words? If I hear Oliver say jeepers one more time I quit. Seriously, if they would've just made the dialogue more natural I think the game could've been much more tolerable, but this 1950s style Leave it to Beaver style of writing is just killing it for me big time. Only Drippy has any entertaining, modern context to his dialogue, but his character design is so lazy and uncreative I can't even get into HIM.

Speaking of lazy, that brings us to my next point. Already I feel like this has turned into repetition-fest 2013, but reading here that never changes is NOT helping. I guess some people find it endearing, but having the merchant shops and employees be the same from town to town bugs me. Lazy. Oh. The ghost boy shows up. The diary guy shows up. 3 rounds of fetch----I mean broken hearted quests. When these things seemed the same for the first two towns, I had a feeling I'd be playing the same town over and over with a different set of paint. Comments here cement that.

Let's talk about the Familiars. Pokemon? Clearly. That's ok, I guess. At first it seemed fun and I was interested to see what the future held for cool creative familiars. But now it seems like there's only really a handful that are ultimately useful, and if you hold to the types that the characters prefer, it's really limiting. Also, for a game that I'm on the fence about, I really don't need a team of TWELVE characters and backups to meticulously raise and coddle.

So. Yeah. Talk about a swerve. Went from loving it to really just not being interested. I guess for me its......ME NO KUNI. Jeepers!

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