Does this game get better?

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User Info: Bane_09

4 years ago#21
No, Ive completely beaten the game besides the last alchemy side quest which is fvcking stupid. The story is boring, the combat never requires that much strategy, AI is so bad it cant be used, crafting requirements for post game equipment is insane, boss fights were stupid. I am never trusting a gamespot review after this lol. The game is pretty mediocre overall. The only part of the game that I really enjoyed was the environment and setting otherwise there is a lot wrong with this game

User Info: Eddo_C

4 years ago#22
Problem with JRPG, by the time a game gets going, most other games ( not counting Skyrim etc) had already finished....
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User Info: silentoverlord

4 years ago#23
I'm in the post game now and I'm having a lot of fun, the game also didn't feel slow to me, it's got the pacing of your average DQ title, but I guess this generation (I'm talking about the console generation, which is very fast-paced in terms of storytelling, not someone's age) is just too used to quick exposition nowadays... as for difficulty and combat, I thought it was pretty good in that aspect. Unless you use a guide and pick the best familiars or overlevel (Which is fairly easy in this game) this game remains challenging and some bosses were very difficult IMO. There are however some big problem's with the game, number one being Esther's AI. I played A LOT of videogames and never have I seen a party member that is so dead-set on killing you and making battles more complicated and wasting MP, I could probably go on a two hours long rant about Esther's stupidity, but It's not worth it. The other problem is that the sidequests are too time consuming and offer very little rewards and do get repetitive.
But overall I'd give the game an 8.5/10
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User Info: Mr_Burgener

4 years ago#24
I didn't know what people kept saying about Esther's AI until I've gotten a little further in. I was getting close to dying on a boss and gave her 30 mp so she could heal the party up...cast healing touch with oliver once, and by the time I switched over to Esther she had already burned through all of that mp. I literally just set my controller down and watched the party die.

I realized I have to set her to use no abilities until it's absolutely necessary or she'll just use it all, but then it seems like a pain to be constantly switching. I can look past it though, I'm having a good time with it so far.

User Info: AnalyticalGamer

4 years ago#25
The game is definitely flawed.

It's not a "bad" game per se, but there are countless JRPGs I'd recommend over this one.

User Info: Eddo_C

4 years ago#26
You can set tactics to "Keep Us Healthy" (eventually at least). She will heal you to the point of annoyance.....
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