What are your thoughts on this game?

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User Info: RevBlueJeans

4 years ago#1
So, I just watched a trailer for this game and I was thinking about getting it my only concern is that it does look like it's a little childish. I'm coming from Dark Souls and the FF series so it doesn't have to be super serious but is this a game that only little kids will like or will adults enjoy it too?

User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

4 years ago#2
When I first heard about the game I thought "lol kiddie game, probably terrible"

After hearing more about what people had to say about it, and hearing that NNK was being compared to Pokemon and Tales in terms of gameplay, I became a little more interested.

Eventually bought the game, and I love it.

As an FYI...

I'm 24, and I love RPGs and Adventure games. My favorites are Final Fantasy, Zelda, Tales, and Pokemon (I don't view Pokemon as kiddie since I only care about the battle system and strategy, don't really pay attention to the story, and usually only use the more badass looking Pokemon anyway). I also enjoy Mass Effect, among many other games.

So perhaps if you can see any similarities between you and me in terms of gaming tastes and age, maybe you can see yourself coming to the same conclusion about NNK

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User Info: jedimaster91

4 years ago#3
Are you a fan of Studio Ghibli? If so, no question. Get the game. If not, yes, the story is pretty simple on the surface so that kids can understand it. But there are plenty of deeper layers and nuances for the adults as well.

I love this game. It's one of the best I've ever played.
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#4
It's got the basics down, but the details need refined.
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User Info: Another_Cyzyk

4 years ago#5
One thing I would warn you on is that while the game's story is not especially childish, despite being about a child, there is very little going on in the game aside from that.

Besides the main storyline and the lore in the Wizard's Compendium (which is quite interesting and worth reading), there isn't much storytelling in the game. Sidequests are almost all pointless grind or fetch quests, with a handful being hide-and-seek. And they get repeated in every town.

I'm at the fourth town or so, and really tempted to just skip all the remaining sidequests and screw the merit rewards. Walking from Blue Dot A to Green Dot B back to Blue Dot A for the 15th time (I'm not making this up) is just not worth a couple more dots on my card.

If you enjoy RPGs and don't mind a story about a child, give it a try. One virtue of the game's mostly younger characters is a nearly complete lack of personal angst or pointless drama. Oliver has some sadness behind him, but you don't sit through cinematics of him brooding over and over.

User Info: ItsHip2BSquare

4 years ago#6
I was on the fence myself about getting this for quite some time. EB Games did an online special - which caught my attention - but the price break + shipping kind of wiped each other out. Amazon had it for $40, so I scooped it up and boy am I glad I did.

I don't think the game is overly childish (there may be a couple spots here and there) but it's incredibly engaging. I am 26 and have been thoroughly enjoying this game from the start.

Potential spoilers:
I'm a handful of bosses into the game and have recently earned the ability to start recruiting monsters. For me, the game really takes off at this point. There are so many different customization options now. You can pick which monsters are on your team, when they "evolve" (assuming you have the appropriate stones, weapons, side quests, etc. If all that's hold you back from purchasing this game is a potentially "kiddy" storyline - you have nothing to worry about.
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User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

4 years ago#7
I do think that one thing that was instrumental in helping to break away from the "kiddie" feeling was Drippy. Drippy could have easily made the game feel *more* like a child's game with some cutesy voice or whatever, but his accent and overall personality were pretty funny.
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#8
The reason the game feels childish is because of the way it treats the player. Beyond that though, it's also how the characters are presented as well. There's no greater point in the game that illustrates this more than when you visit the Fairygrounds.

Drippy, throughout the game, was presented in such a way that he felt like the "Adult". Everything that came out of his mouth was meant to portray him kind of like a surrogate father figure to the cast, particularly to Oliver.

When you get to the Fairygrounds though, you find out that he's little more than a kid himself. Not only that, but you quickly find out that his "Father Figure" routine and seeming "Worldliness" and "Wisdom" are a pretentious act.

It's never more apparent than at that moment, that you're playing a game from the perspective a child, that the "Children" of this story are thrown into adult roles, and while it can be engaging at times from that perspective, it feels like something you used to dream up as a little kid. All the adults are impotent, all the kids are in charge and know what's best, it's a fantasy of role reversal from the perspective of a young child.
"Cute" in an RPG is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

User Info: Mr_Burgener

4 years ago#9
I bought it just because it was an RPG, and at first it was childish and I hated it. Once you get a couple hours into it, it gets more involved and engaging, and I'm having a blast with it now.

I definitely recommend it, just give it a while to get going.
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