New to Ni No Kuni - Familiars, Tips, etc?

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User Info: GunMetalGhost

3 years ago#1
Got the game a few days ago and I'm really loving everything about it so far. It's very Dragon Quest like, so I appreciate the difficulty level, but sometimes it can be intense.

I just got the boat leaving Castaway Cove, so the world map is really opened up for me. But as soon as I venture out a ways, the monsters are really f-ing tough. Anything at this point in the game I should definitely catch or do to strengthen my team? (Aside from generally leveling up for better stats?)

I see people really into the idea of getting Swaine a Monolith to soak up damage, and getting a Purrloiner leveled up, metamorphosed and ready to fight on Oliver.

I've got Strongo on the girl and a metamorphosed Purrloiner.
Lemahl on Swaine along with his original Familiar.
And Mitey is honestly the strongest I've got on Oliver as of now. I planned on getting him a Little Bighorn, but wasn't willing to invest too much time into that hunting because playing the story was so much more fun.

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

3 years ago#2
Hurly is garbage, get rid of him ASAP (Swaine's starting familiar).

As for Mite... Yes, he kicks major butt right now. But believe it or not, the final forms for the Mite family end up having the 12th or so worst stats in the entire game. When my Mighty Mite (stage two metamorph) was level 30, I had a Purrloiner (stage one metamorph) at level 20 that had superior stats in everything but defense. I honestly recommend taking your Purrloiner from Esther and give it to Oliver, making it your new primary fighter.

Also, on the fields surrounding Castaway Cove there are these walking slab guys. I recommend taming them, because they are probably the best tanks in the game. Seriously, I brought one all the way through the game and the final boss' melee attacks were only doing one damage per swing to him. They're utter beasts in the defense department. I recommend giving one to Swaine, as he has the most HP.

Also, you'll be able to find Familiars called "Hoo-Rays" on the sea. They're actually pretty dang good and make a good defensive spellcaster for Esther.
The SAFE was slain in battle. A great flaming nautical pyre carries it off to VAULTHALLA. - Gimme a view, sweet cheeks ;)

User Info: Rabby126

3 years ago#3
I ask this question a few days ago and have these tips.

The Magic book has familiars and evolutions so look at it.

Purrloiner is a great choice for this point of game.

I recommend getting a Green Buncher (banana looking monster) or the Napcap (Mushroom golden groove) and possibly a Bonehead (skeleton). I have a little Big Horn and he is great.

Halloballoon has good defense stats and is good but hard to fit in my current team.

Every character should have one fighter and one magical that can preferably heal. Also make sure enough of your familiars have defend and evade.

You will have other good options later in game so don't overwhelm yourself with too many familiars to raise now.

Raising tips
1) Your buddies have tendency to used first familiar first before other ones so make that the strong one. They will use magical healer when necessary. So if you are raising a low level familiar it is best to give fighters to buddies.

2) Status familiars are best given to Oliver since you buddies don't use status effects strategically.

3) It is very important to make sure they have diverse symbols like star, sun, moon, and plant because having too much of one type will make you run out of drops.

4) I don't pay attention to genus of familiars but some character work better with certain genus than others even though I haven't notice anything. The thief is better with the Monkey familiar than his own Hurley.

5) You may want to wait to evolve familiars. I normally don't care too much about this but some do it to max out stats look at this...

6) The extra stats through food will be kept after evolution.

Note: I am not finish with game but a few story scenes ahead of you.

User Info: Rabby126

3 years ago#4
Okay change one tip. The genus is important for stat building because it gives the familiar and 10% boost. So if you are from level 1 you should use on right character before switching when leveling get tough.
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