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User Info: Anutha One

Anutha One
4 years ago#1
Is it possible to obtain enough items to get to the last row in your Key Items inventory storage? All of the other inventory storage tabs seem to be set up to allow for just enough rows to accommodate the items that you may be able to acquire in game. I currently have eight and a half rows worth of items occupied, which still leaves six more rows empty, if I remember correct. The only thing I can think of that could possibly fill up that many remaining openings are familiar tickets. Is that indeed the case? Are there really that many that could be acquired, however possible (pre-order bonus, purchasing the Wizard's Edition, etc.) or did the developers just allow for extra spaces on the Key Items for safety's sake?
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#2
Probably not at one time, no. The thing is, there's a lot of key items that get "Used Up" during the course of the game, such as:

Old Stick
Mirror or Truth
Cherub's Wing
Heart of Muse
Blossom of the Bard
Hog's Cog
Gyro Grappler
Riddle Rivet
Mirror of Truth
Holy Wood
Carved Holy Wood
Mornstar (There are two different ones, the weak one and the restored one)
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Star Stone

A lot of those items are used to make other Key Items, so you can't have them both at the same time without save editing or something of that nature.

...and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

Then you have all the stuff that's made with those Key items, so you can practically double the above list.

I also have no less than 10 Familiar Tickets, and I don't have stuff like Gold Hurly, Griffy, or Flutterby tickets.

I'm looking at my Key Item list right now, and I have 9 rows plus 2 in the 10th full. I haven't used up any Key Item that wasn't for story purposes, like the alchemy stuff used to make different wands, guns, and harps, so you can add all of those to that.

Maybe it would just be easier to make a list of all the key items, and then add em all up to see how many slots it would fill.
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User Info: Anutha One

Anutha One
4 years ago#3
Yeah, I've left about 4 sidequests uncompleted so as to not lose the key item they provide you with. Sorry ol' dude in Perdida waiting for the cold compress or whatever that was again. ;) I've also not upgraded any of the party's weapons if I am going to lose a key item in the process of doing so. I believe I only have 4 familiar tickets currently which would explain the difference between yours and mine numbers. I know there were some early sidequests where I may have turned over the key item needed to complete the quest but I can't imagine there were that many of them to be so many items short of getting to the last row.

Up for cataloguing these items and seeing what we come up with?

In the meanwhile I am going to see if something exists over in the Wiki regarding this or possibly at IGN for this game.
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