Magma-women (Nobilia)

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User Info: Machi

4 years ago#1
Anyone else wish we had the Magama women familiars instead of the Mandragoner one :( I'm looking at it and notice that they practically share similar coverage in terms of moves, phys + fire, course dragoner has the addition of a very strong AoE healing. Still the Magma familiars I think are better designed over all, they're more fun, than what looks like a de-evolution thing that the dragoner has going on, I really prefer his first form. Any event just kinda disappointed that we couldn't get the Magma women and instead get this really left field familiar that more or less functions the same.

User Info: Joyous_Spring87

4 years ago#2
I wish the nobilia familiars could join the party. I'm looking at you Rainbow Jellybaby :<
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User Info: coreekymon

4 years ago#3
I'll agree with you in that I thought Mandragorer was a weird and not particularly good choice for your nobilia familiar, but Magmoiselle line? I think they have a gross design and I wouldn't want them over any of the other nobilia familiars. If I had my choice I'd probably want a magimech.
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