Just got this game!!!!!! Any tips??????

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  3. Just got this game!!!!!! Any tips??????

User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#11

WOW, first thing out of the gate is something Negative. sheesh. Welcome to the new GameFAQs.

1. I play on easy, to offset the crazy AI.
2. Read down through the posts that talk about the best Fams, pick about 15 of these that are always talked about. Ignore the rest.
3. Capture rate is crazy, dont spend 2 hours trying to catch something and hate the game for it. Its all about randomness and luck.
4. Feed your fams there favorite food, farm for money to buy it. Explore every nook and crannie.
5. Once your done with a dungeon, go back through and see what you missed.

6. Best of all Enjoy and have fun.

good luck with your new game.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
Now playing: Oblivion, Dragons Dogma: DA PSN: DrClaeys | Vica | 125 Mage

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#12
I bought this and Xillia at the same time, and this quickly became my favorite between the two. I'm 70+ hours into this, and haven't touched Xillia since hour 2...

My tip for a newb is to leave Alchemy until late-game. You can read about alchemy in your wizard's companion book as soon as you acquire that, but you won't be able to perform it until you get to Castaway Cove, the 3rd town, and 5th or 6th stop overall.

I've spent a lot of time just trying to find materials to alchemize and give myself that edge in battle, but the whole system is really geared toward late-game items and those that are only available through alchemy. All that time I spent was really wasted, and I should have just continued with the natural progression of the game.

If you do want to work on some alchemy, stick to the treats. The higher leveled ones really make a difference in stat growth, so it isn't a waste of time.

Other than that, be prepared to do a fair bit of grinding and to be really engrossed in a fantastic story!!
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  3. Just got this game!!!!!! Any tips??????

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